What I Ate Wednesday | Rajdoot – Festival of flavours at the National Curry Week

I was lucky enough to have met people from every part of the world since I moved to Birmingham. It’s a beautiful city to learn about different cultures. And it is also present in the gastronomy, of course. The British cuisine gained much more flavours with the influence of its immigrants and it is noted in every corner of this city.


I have to confess that Indian food is one of my favourite cuisine. It’s all about flavours and there are a lot of passion and effort on it. Food with love. Food with tradition. Nothing can’t beat this.


So, what to say about being kindly invited to visit Rajdoot, to celebrate the National Curry Week with style? This is a business with 50th years of expertise in fine North Indian cuisine. What makes thing always more exciting!


Last Wednesday, I headed towards the restaurant address in Jewerly Quarter to meet other Brum bloggers for a lovely meal at Rajdoot, Victoria Osgood from Brumderland and George Elsmere from Caramel Latte Kiss.

The first impression of the place couldn’t be more pleasant. We were welcomed in a beautiful waiting lounge with delicious Diwali-sweets as a nice treat. I always was fascinated about how delicate are these sweets. And of course, they are very addictive!


Our table was perfectly set in a huge dining room. Some decorations revealed how amusing and colourful are the festive times like Diwali. The festival of lights is one of the most popular Hindu festivals and it’s well celebrated in Birmingham annually.

I was impressive with Rajdoot’s elegant facilities. Some people would expect a traditional restaurant like this to be a bit dated, but I disagree. The relaxing ambient make it a perfect space to celebrate any kind of event or simply enjoy a meal for two.

What about the food?

I had so much expectations about my vegetarian meal. It is challenging sometimes to see restaurants catering to non-meat eaters. Not this one, of course. The festival of flavours just started as soon as the food was put on the table. Lots of dips and pappadoms to start the night, of course.


I love the delicate way that Indian food is served in (what I think the name is) thalis. Be free to correct me if I am wrong. There is something beautiful about the portions that we can share on a traditional Indian meal. I love it.

Getting the correct names of the food was a bit challenging too, I am afraid. But tuck in at that gorgeous meal was quite an easy task at Rajdoot. My starter was a sort of pakora perfectly balanced with salad and halloumi. I love pakoras. And I couldn`t be happier with the starter option.


We got a bottle of white wine to accompany the meal. And the drink went down so well with some nice conversation on the table.


I can`t not express how pleasant is the infusion of spices at this diner table.  Everything is so well-seasoned and there is no space for blend food here.


My main was also another combo veggie winner. Guessing the names again, I had the house speciality Saag Panner – spinach cooked with home spiced cottage cheese and herbs and Aloo Channa – a traditional Punjabi dish with chick peas and potatoes cooked with spices. Both options accompanied rice and nan.


We had puds. It was another house speciality. And thank god it was in a small portion because I was full. Nicely full!


I didn’t try any other dish with meat on it, but the girls had nice comments on all of them. Meaning, everything was special at Rajdoot. Plus, we have more wine and conversation flowing until the end of a great night celebrating the National Curry Week.


NB: I was kindly invited by Delicious PR to visit Rajdoot at the National Curry Week.

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