How to plan a holiday without stress?

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It’s only October, I know! But I guess it’s never too early to start planning the next summer holiday in advance. You never know if there is a bargain waiting for you right on the corner.

I like to think that last minute deals can be a life-saver, but what about the whole excitement of already have something to look forward to and plan a holiday in advance? It probably will help you to face the winter with more enthusiasm, huh? But it’s also important to follow some fundamental steps to avoid a headache when planning a holiday.

Plan your itinerary in advance

Some people don`t like crowded places. Welcome to the club! The idea of visiting a landmark with other thousands of people around can transform your holiday into a complete nightmare. Or not. You’re never going to step on an empty New York , for example. Sometimes, you just CAN’T avoid the hype!

So, let’s get the real thing! If you are travelling to a cosmopolitan city such as New York, it’s always better to plan your itinerary in advance. I mean, way in advance! Book restaurants, museums and all kind of sightseeing trips that can give you the option of avoiding queues. The crowd will still be there. But you will have some kind of “space” in between.


Sort your currency out!

Money is one of the reasons to have a headache when planning your trip. For so many reasons. You need to know how much will be necessary to spend during the days you will be out of the country. Not to mention that it’s going to be essential have some local cash with you just in case your are strand at the airport when in a flight cancelled situation.

So, it’s better to convert your cash to avoid the rip-off. It is also an easy way to get adapted to the difference between both currencies before visiting the country.  Sometimes, we get carried away with shopping without understanding the real value of the money. Convert to avoid unnecessary expenses!

Deal or no deal

Looking for special offer websites is a tempting. It is good for your pocket as well. I’ve lost track of the numerous times that I have chosen holiday deals to save some cash and headache. Those package deals are great for people with no time to research online. It’s a great source to find “new destinations” as well. It doesn’t matter if it is a cheap city break or a last-minute holiday, there is always a different holiday journey to pick.


Pick a non-peak time

I know it’s just difficult for parents to benefit from the perks of not travelling on the half-terms. But it is possible choosing some days during this period that will give you more flexibility to plan your journey. Ask for advice and you may be surprised by the alternatives they may bring to you and your family. Travelling at a non-peak season is synonymous of saving money, patience and time.

Divide tasks

Get the family involved in your planning task. Partners can be in charge of looking for the best flight deals and kids can give ideas about the sightseeing and landmarks you may want to visit, for example. It makes things easier, inclusive and more enjoyable as well. Ask for some tips from your friends if the plan is traveling alone. You would be surprised with some of your mate’s ideas. Just don`t forget to bring them a nice souvenir as a way of saying thank you.

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