Meet the Business # 17 : Fressh

You probably heard of Fressh, the new plant-based café that opened in the Victorian City Arcade last week. The concept of healthy eating has been well-accepted in Birmingham for ages, and Fressh is another good example of a business offering quality and affordable plant-based meals in town. We talked to its owner, Vijay Singh, to know more about this adding to the city centre.


Source: Fressh


Midlands Traveller: To start with, I’d to know a bit more about your career background.

Vijay Singh: I graduated five years ago in accounting and finance. After graduation, I got an accounting job but left that to start my own online business. I still own that business and now trying my luck with this new venture!

MT: How and when did you come up with the idea for your business?

VS: Being a vegan myself, I felt like there weren’t many options that served good plant-based fresh fast food at an affordable price.

MT: Why did you choose Birmingham to open Fressh?

VS: I felt like this concept needed to be in a big city centre and being as the vegan market is growing in Birmingham this was the perfect opportunity.


Source: Fressh

MT: What is unique about Fressh?


VS: We have a range of vegan products whether it’s something healthy like a salad/Wrap or something more indulgent like a burger. The best thing about it all is – it’s all made right front of your eyes fressh and fast!

MT: What is your type of clientele?

VS: Anyone who likes good food 🙂

MT: What is the concept of your business?

VS: Start at one point, place your order and move along the counter watch your food being made in front of you, and then out the door in five minutes (or you can sit down and relax).


Source: Fressh

MT: What are the challenges of opening a business like yours?


VS: People still have this perception that vegan/plant-based food is either boring or bland – we’re here to prove that it’s just as good as any other category of food.

MT: What is the importance of being a 100% plant-based café?

VS: We are proud that our 100% plant-based cruelty-free menu is not only having a positive impact on people’s health, but we are playing an important part in a sustained environment.


Source: Fressh


MT: What is the secret to keeping the customers interested in your product?

VS: To keep the quality consistently high and to keep up with the food trends!

MT: What is your advice for someone who is thinking about to start a business?

VS: Work hard and Go for it!!

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