Finland | The Land of Infinite Surprises

An effervescent combination of tourist attractions, natural beauty, history, culture, arts, architecture, design, gastronomy, and many other factors make Finland a unique destination.

Located in Scandinavia, the country is easily accessible to Brazilians through major European airlines and has all the potential to provide unforgettable vacations for couples, families or groups of friends. To make things more exciting, Finland is celebrating its centenary independence this year!

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Check out some of the experiences that Finland has to offer:

Visit Finland Inspirational Cities

Many of you have probably heard of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. With around 650 thousand inhabitants, the city is the largest in the country and attracts many tourists who enjoy its parks, the beautiful churches (such as the Chapel of Silence), museums, historic Senate buildings), shopping, gastronomy, and nightlife.

But Finland has a number of other prominent cities, such as the scenic Tampere, which although it is the third-largest in the country, still retains the small town style and is surrounded by two beautiful lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Turku is the oldest city in the country and was the capital of Finland until the 19th century.

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Source: Visit Finland

Extraordinary nature

Finland is a country of large territorial extension, so it hosts a variety of landscapes, which change according to the region and the season. Watching the migration of birds on the island of Utö, the blue waters of Pielisjärvi lake from the top of Koli mountain, or getting lost in the white snowy landscape of Lapland, are unforgettable experiences.


Photo: Hernan Patino

Not to mention the aurora borealis, which takes place during the winter, and the midnight sun during the height of summer.

Finland also has 40 amazing national parks. The newest of them is Hossa, inaugurated on June 17, 2017, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the country.

With beautiful lakes, wild forests, and prehistoric relics, the place is perfect for canoeing, hiking, fishing, among other outdoor activities.


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Photo:  George Turner

Historical & wealth

In Finland, it is still possible to find small towns that seem to have come out of a time travel capsule. The so-called wooden towns are a great historical walk, as they preserve wooden house constructions from decades or even centuries ago.

Another must-see attraction for history lovers is the visit to the medieval castle of the city of Turku, the oldest in the whole country, built between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Fascinating culture 

The Sami people, or Lapps, are native from Scandinavia. They were the first inhabitants of Finland and still maintain their customs and traditions.  In three locations of the country, the Lapp language is even recognised as official.

In some places, it is possible for tourists to know this culture closely and to carry out activities with the Lapps. Music is another very important aspect of Finnish culture. Many Heavy metal groups that have conquered the world have come out of there, like Nightwish. The country hosts an unbelievable amount of music festivals every summer.

 Diversified gastronomy 

Photo: Harri Tarvainen

Finnish gastronomy is full of life and flavour. A traditional meal includes fresh fish as well as seasonal vegetables and fruits. Local and organic foods are very consumed. Another national passion is the pea soup, which is served by Finnish restaurants on Thursdays.

On the same day, the soup is also served in schools, always accompanied by a delicious dessert pancake. Rye bread was also voted the country’s typical food in 2017, being part of a difficult time in Finland’s history of economic crisis and food shortages.

Source | Visit Finland

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