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I have never been to The Stable before and the only excuse I had was my lack of time to catch up with all restaurants that pop up in town every week. However, I always loved the idea of having a place where pizza is the main attraction of the house.

So, I didn`t think twice when I was kindly invited by Delicious PR to join some other amazing Brum Bloggers to enjoy a night of Pizza and Cider tasting at The Stable.


But I confess I was there more for the pizzas than the ciders. The reason is simple, I only got the taste for ciders when I moved to the UK in 2011.

It was different from anything we usually drink in Brazil. And I had a proper indulgence in the world of dry and sweet ciders. Then, I confess they became a bit more of the same to me.


ODC – Born to Stand Out

So, that was up to ODC to change my mind about fruit ciders that night. And I was keen to give it a try again, of course. ODC is a Midlands based business that just released two distinctive flavours: Pomegranate Panache and Mango Fandango. Two intriguing flavours to say the least.

Gluten-free ciders? Yes, ODC is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. What makes the things more exciting for me!

Both 4% ABV. Both tasted wonderfully refreshing. No jokes. The natural taste of exotic fruits makes ODC a pleasant surprise.


In my opinion, Mango Fandango (great name, by the way!) is the one born to stand out indeed. It is far from being too sweet and it was a perfect match for some delicious pizza tasting during the night. Pomegranate Panache is also pleasant. Not sickly and I quite like the idea of having those beauties available at my doorstep!

Both perfectly balanced. And both drinks demystify the thought that we can appreciate ciders more in the summer.  It is November, folks, and it’s pretty fine to enjoy some fruity ciders in a cold weather!


Vegan Pizza time!

I was pleasantly surprised with a vegan menu to take the hats off. It is always great to challenge restaurants and bars in Birmingham that caters for vegans and vegetarians. The menu must be creative, and food needs to be tasty, of course. The Stable is nailing it.


My pizza of choice was The Allo Aloha – fresh pineapple with field mushrooms and Bute Island vegan mozzarella and (optional) avocado and fresh chilli. I loved the vegan cheese (a good vegan cheese is something that is always difficult to find) and the combination of mushrooms and pineapple rocked my world. It was hot, hot, hot. So, watch out for the chilli.


Another vegan winner that I have tried was The One Potato, Two Potato –  herb-roasted potato, thyme roasted, sweet potato, Spanish onion, spinach, tomato sauce and Bute Island vegan mozzarella. Seriously? I was so afraid of put potato and pizza together. But it works. And I would ask for this one next time.

Love the menu for meat eaters too. There is something really special about a place that name your pizzas with Birmingham areas such as The Smethwick Scorcher and The Bournville Bantam.


But The Stable is not just about pizzas. You can go for a pie (or two) and some wraps if you feel like. It is definitely a good place to enjoy a meal with friends, your second-half on any occasion.

Thanks, Delicious PR, The Stable and ODC for putting together such a great night. I got another perspective about cider and I know where to find fine vegan pizzas in Brum now.

Simone Ribeiro
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