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My skin does not like cold weather. Never did. My face tends to be dry and dull during the winter without moisturising 24/7. The struggle is real.

To make the things a little bit more complicated, it is not just in the winter my skin turns extremely sensitive. The hot temperatures of a country like Brazil, where I am now spending my holidays the last two weeks, is also not the best environment for me. And some extra skin care measures must be taken on a daily basis. But where to find suitable and effective skin products that can also be

Some weeks ago, I was introduced to some amazing beauty products made by the natural skin care experts brand Purepotions.

History of caring & love

The company was founded by a mother who changed her and her family’s life by inventing an amazing salve for her daughter’s eczema.

Her little girl was in a terrible state, scratching all over and about to be hospitalised with such severe eczema when Natalie Balmond cooked up an old-fashioned ointment that relieved Lula’s skin overnight.

For a small independent skin care company, making pure, award-winning creams, oils and salves from their Brighton workshop, Purepotions has gone from strength to strength, via a stint on Dragon’s Den to being awarded Best Eczema Range 2017 by Natural Health International Beauty Awards.

It is a pretty impressive history of caring and dedication that resulted in a successful business. The company offers an effective treatment to dry skins with natural products that are suitable for babies, children and adults because they use 100% organic ingredients.


Parabens free!

Besides, the skin salvation range of products for dry and allergy-prone skin is free from parabens, SLS, microplastics, petrochemicals, perfumes or silicones. It is made for people like me, that needs extra nourishment but also needs to avoid potential irritations and allergens from synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Holand & Barrett have launched the #CleanBeauty campaign in association with natural skin care brands like Purepotions. The campaign embraces the idea of not stocking more products that contain parabens at Holland & Barrett’s shops.

Trying the Skin Salvation

I was lucky to receive a full-size Intensive Moisturising Ointment (60ml- £12.99) as a courtesy of Purepotions to try the product this month. I have brought it to Brazil with me to have a proper skin care indulgence. I have used the product, especially on my face (once a day) as part of my daily skincare regime.


There is no perfume added to this, but it smells olive. Which doesn’t bother me at all. I have used other products on my face with a similar kind of smell before. and I like the idea of this Ointment been made with hemp, safflower and olive. Natural ingredients that I usually would like to try on my skin. The application is quite straightforward as well. I ward the product between my fingertips and apply it liberally on my face.

The consistency is quite solid and colour (greenish) of the ointment don`t scare me at all. I guess it is exactly what I expected of a natural skin care product.

I have to say it has helped with the redness and dryness of my skin. It also has been consistent, considering the warm temperature environment I am facing these days in Brazil.

I am applying the product before going to sleep and I wake up feeling my skin a bit more moisturised than usually and it means I am pretty content with the result until now. Remember to not expose the skin to strong sunlight after applying this product or your skin may burn. It has been an effective skin care product and I will recommend this Moisturising Ointment to anyone with dry skin.

*I received this product complimentary from Purepotions for testing purposes.

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