When blood sugar is women’s number 1 enemy

The high blood sugar is responsible for another discomfort to many women: the yeast infection. Vaginal mycosis is caused by excessive amounts of Candida albicans forming a normal vaginal environment controlled by the immune system and low pH.

Yeast infection will occur when there is an imbalanced level of normal acids and yeasts in the vagina. High blood sugar levels help to increase the level of yeast.

The symptoms go from increase of discharge and odd smell to itching and redness in the lip of vagina to even burning sensation during the intercourse.Sexual dysfunction can be treated with psychological and/or medical help and you don’t need to panic when diagnosed with the yeast infection.

The great news is this condition can be treated using natural products in form of tablets, creams or vaginal bodies.

Unlike the tablets that can burst a digestive tract and may have more or less serious side effects, vaginal body works only there where is necessary. The benefit of NaturGYN Scarlett, a vaginal body, is that it is 100% natural with no side effects.

Herbal products are recommended since ancient times. Products such as NaturGYN Scarlett is a perfect herbal option available in non-prescription pharmacies for effective self-healing of vaginal mycosis.

But remember the yeast infections can also come and go several times. It’s is annoying, we know. Best prevention to become chronical is really to cure the reason for infection.

Unfortunately, most of the creams available just suppress symptoms and when stopping using them, problems are here very shortly again.

Vaginal detox pearls cure the cause. And if you are sensitive to this kind of problems, you can use it as prevention without any negative effects on your health.

Women should also become conscious that lots of fashion trends don’t pay for their intimate health. Simple routines such as avoiding tight clothes, douching or change pads frequently or choosing adequate underwear can be a life-saver.

And of course, it’s always highly recommended to practice the correct (we don’t mean exaggerated) vaginal hygiene on daily basis to prevent any kind of infection. Keep in mind that a healthy vagina will make your life easier. Always!


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