Could Distance Learning Be The Future Of Higher Education?

As more people try to fit in their studies around busy lives, and as the price of going to university increases year on year, distance learning courses, such as those provided by NCC Home Learning could be the way of the future.

The Role Of Distance Learning In Society

With laptops, tablets, and smartphones becoming ever more prevalent among all levels of society and all age groups, it makes sense that today’s educational providers want to take advantage of the technology that these devices provide in order to supply educational services and courses.

With free Wi-Fi becoming increasingly common wherever you go, from cafes to hotels, and from motorway service stations to airports, accessing the internet and all of the convenient learning opportunities this useful medium provides couldn’t be easier.

By harnessing this cutting-edge technology, students no longer need to be physically present in a college or university to attend a class or to gain access to learning materials.

It’s no wonder, then, that the number of people who choose to learn online is increasing year on year as more people recognise the benefits of this convenient way of learning.

Reaching A Wider Scope Of Students

Today’s and tomorrow’s learners are all well-versed in ICT. Introduced to modern technologies as infants, students are well-adapted to distance learning and often prefer the independence and freedom that this form of studying provides, without the hassle of having to attend an institution in person.


Modern students are happy to communicate over Skype and attend virtual seminars, watch streamed podcasts and read blogs for research while downloading and uploading work on a regular basis. As many university and college courses are run in this way these days, it makes sense to go one step further and go all-out for distance learning.

Another advantage of distance learning is that it can reach a greater range of non-traditional learners.

Those who have retired but who still want to develop new skills, those who have family commitments and who cannot commit the time to a full-time course, and those who need to earn while they learn can all benefit from distance learning. There are more learners of this type than ever before, and those numbers look set to increase as lifelong learning becomes more popular.

The Money Saving Benefits

Another reason why distance learning is becoming the way of the future is the fact that it represents a major saving on attending a regular college or university course. By being able to fit in an online course around a day (or night) job, workers can improve their qualifications and progress up the career ladder, or even change to a more lucrative career path without having to give up their steady income.

With traditional universities now charging higher fees than ever before, and the cost of living and renting student accommodation also on the rise, it makes sense to avoid these expenses by opting to learn from home on a distance learning course.

As education is likely to get more expensive in the future, we are likely to see more students than ever before eschewing traditional institutions in favour of online courses which represent excellent value for money with no extra living costs.


Convenience And Opportunity

 For those who suffer from disabilities that make attending a regular institution a challenge, and for those who have anxiety problems such as social anxiety or agoraphobia, distance learning represents a fantastic opportunity for achievement without having to leave the house.

Those who struggle to leave their home can still enjoy the benefits of education without any of the negative points that would put them off attending a standard college.

Breadth Of Choice

One further reason why many people are turning to online courses is the breadth of choice that they can select from when it comes to finding a course to suit their needs. While a local college will only offer a limited selection of courses, online there is a much greater range to choose from, so learners can find study opportunities that perfectly meet their needs.

It is clear that distance learning is becoming more popular than ever before, and is likely to become even more widespread over the next few years as increasing numbers of potential students recognise the potential of developing their skills and knowledge without the expense and hassle of having to attend a standard brick and mortar institution.

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