What I Ate Wednesday | Breakfast at Emily’s – The Bronte Birthplace | Bradford

Many people just associate Haworth as the main reference when talking about the Bronte sister’s history. But few people know that their birthplace is located only 9 miles from there, in the market town of Thornton, in Bradford.


This iconic Grade II* Listed construction was built in 1802. As you may already know, it was the resident of the Bronte’s family between 1815 and 1820. Now, the residence has become a gorgeous café called Emily’s,.

I had the unique experience of visiting it last September, as part of my Bronte’s trail, on my way back from holidays in  Hawkswick, in the Yorkshire Dales.


The place opened in 2014, and I heard it was for sale a couple of months ago. I have no idea if it was already sold. But I am glad to have the chance of chatting briefly with its current owner Mark, who together with his wife Michelle, made an amazing refurbishing job in the properly.


Every single room of this gorgeous café is honouring the history and heritage of Emily, Charlotte, Anne and the Bronte’s family. And it’s impossible to feel touched and overwhelmed when stepping on it for the first time.


After all, it’s JUST the birthplace of the three famous sisters and writers.  And if you are not familiarised with the Bronte’s legacy, please, stop this reading now, and run to google now.


The building is quite spacious featuring two main areas.

The former dining room, drawing room, and a bar area to the extension built on the front elevation in 1898. Externally is a south facing raised terrace area which allows for 6 external covers during the summer months.


Every room of the place is an inspiration for literature lovers. It is a modern, elegant and comfortable Coffee shop.


The dining room is the actual room where the Bronte’s sisters (and the brother Branwell) were born. It is a comfortable space that preserves original pieces like the cast iron fireplace present at the time the Bronte’s family was living there.


A timber staircase and a stone slab flooring are also other original features in the house from that time.


Stepping into such an important Bronte’s legacy location is an indescribable experience. And I am so glad it has been preserved in a way we can properly relax and enjoy it.


The drawing room is beautifully decorated with the pages of the ‘Wuthering Heights‘ book. We were told that lasted only six pages to place the whole book on the wall. What an imaginative idea that makes all difference, when you enter this gorgeous room.

Food & coffee at Emily’s

To be honest, I was more interested in visiting the house itself than having a coffee, when I decided to go to Emily’s. The house was supposed to be the main character in this story. But I confess that its menu was a pleasant surprise too.  Breakfast at Emily’s is a quite amusing experience.


I love the touch of Italian-deli breakfast they offer at this menu. I have chosen a smoked salmon & egg toast– scrambled egg / smoked salmon / cream cheese / chive / lemon / rocket.


My husband picked the sausage, wild broccoli & buffalo mozzarella – spicy Tuscan sausage / ‘friarelli’ broccoli / sundried tomato/buffalo mozzarella.


Both meals were beautifully presented. My breakfast was delicious, and I would go for it again. But that was probably one of the last time I have eaten salmon before giving up meat, so it was a wise decision to try something that would be worth it. It’s was brekkie with a bit of twist.


The drink menu is insane! There are so many options for coffee, loose and fancy tea that it takes a while to decide what to get. I wish I could be around more to try all types of tea they serve in this place. But my option that time was a Caffe Nutella because it is what it is: simply delicious.  My husband opted for a cup of tea.


Visiting Bronte’s  birthplace for a not-ordinary breakfast is one in a million experience. It made me thankful for stepping into a part of the history of this brave 19th-century family that became iconic names of contemporary literature. It also made me wonder how Emily would describe this house the way it is now. I bet she would be happy to see her birthplace being such an inspirational place to visit.

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