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Apparently, gastronomy is a full-on experience in Monaco. It combines starred restaurants, international cuisines and self-catering, in order to offer a delightful gastronomic itinerary to travellers.

Luckily, organic foods and healthy meals are included to make a growing presence in Monegasque establishments.

Elsa, for example, is the first 100% organic restaurant to win a Michelin star, whose culinary philosophy celebrates essentials and simplicity.

Located in the Monte-Carlo Beach hotel, the venue achieved such recognition after extensive research on the best organic ingredients, which resulted in a partnership with 15 local growers, and their delicate cooking process.

What originated from there was a healthy, colourful gastronomy that respects the cycles of nature.

The menu consists of outstanding olive oils, organic flour loaves cooked twice a day, white meat, poultry and lamb from organic farms, as well as fish, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. Even the wines that harmonise with the delicious dishes of the house are organic.

Chef Paolo Sari, who runs Elsa’s kitchen, is a great incentive for organic cuisine. Rigorous in selecting its ingredients, it makes a point of knowing the origin of each one.

During the four days of the event, the public was invited to discover new products and ecological practices, participating in an organic market of local producers, the competition of ecological innovations, demonstrations and gala dinners.

The event also involved the Monegasque children, who cooked alongside chefs of the principality and participated in culinary competitions and sports competitions.

Source | Terre de Monaco Facebook page

Another company that has been helping to develop the organic scene in the principality is the Terre de Monaco. The start-up, created by the entrepreneur Jessica Sbaraglia, develops organic gardens on the ceilings, balconies and terraces of the real estate of the principality.

The service is offered to both individuals and hotels, restaurants and other organizations.

There have been so many members that Monaco is today one of the largest private urban farming ventures in the world and many restaurants already use ingredients from these organic gardens on their menus, such as the Blue Bay, star restaurant of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.

There are several other restaurants that have a healthy food offer in Monaco.  Eqvita, which has tennis player Novak Djokovic as one of the partners, offers a menu practically vegan, apart from organic eggs served at breakfast, without gluten, lactose or refined sugar.

Source | Eqvita’s Facebook page

The place promotes the connection with what is good, with nature, with our bodies and with other people and believes in the power of natural ingredients to energize and strengthen. The seasonal menu is made up of fresh local ingredients and many products are made in the house such as bread, jams, chutneys, sauces, veal milk and cheeses.

The Organic Detox Bar is specialized in functional juices that help various body functions and offers detox programs to purify the body. L’Inattendu and Eat Juice are other examples of raw food, organic foods and vegan menus. For those who like beer, Brasserie de Monaco is a brewery that produces drinks with organic ingredients and is great for a happy hour.

Source | Brasserie de Monaco Facebook page

The organic scene of Monaco does not stop growing. There are more and more restaurants and events related to the cause in the principality. In addition to offering healthier food, the experience is delicious and allows a greater connection with nature and its cycles.

Source | Visit Monaco

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