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Since the adoption of our beloved cat Dougal nearly two years ago, I knew it would be a long journey until he gets a lot of confidence and feels comfortable living with us.


As a feral cat that now lives indoor, Dougal never had too much contact with people before.He always is very timid and scared of visitors here. From feeding to stroking him, it always was a big challenge. Meaning: we need a lot of patience to deal with him.


One of those biggest challenges was finding a perfect type of food for him that could be quality and affordable at the same time.

A couple of weeks ago, I have received a complimentary adult starter pack with Surf & Turf 200g (£11.99) and Whisker Lickin’ Chicken 200g (£10.99) from the company Pure Pet Food. The idea was trying the products for an honest review about it. :O)

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The story of this brand always made me very curious about their products. A company that had started back in 2012 using a local food facility in Yorkshire to prepare their first batches. That now became nationally sold in big retail stores, certified by food and human authorities, and also recommended by PETA. You can’t go wrong with it!

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Not to mention that it is highly recommended for fussy and sensitive cats.

Dougal fits perfectly this profile. I like the idea of feeding my pet with meals that would be 100% made of fresh human grade ingredients. He needs a diet rich in meat protein. And Surf & Turf has 78% of protein, for example. Good start!


First impressions: The package is very informative. It pretty much contains the concept of the product, its nutritional composition and an illustrative feeding guide. I think it is a very practical packaging. Inside the box, you also have a scoop and a sealing clip to keep the food conserved. Simple touches that are very useful for any pet owner. 4/5


Price: It’s not the cheapest cat food on the market, but you pay for the quality of the food. Remember it is 100% natural fresh food with no meat derivatives, no wheat, corn or soya, sweeteners or other nasty bits. ;o)  3/5
Dougal’s Verdict: 

As much as I enjoyed the idea of feeding Dougal with a 100% natural and healthy product, I knew that the transition to Pure Pet meals would be slow. And it is. He is still getting used to this, but he is not mad about it yet. That is the reason that I have started small portions. So, I am now mixing it a little bit with his useful meals.

I have started with Surf & Turf first. I guess he likes those ingredients most. (chicken & chicken liver, white fish, carrot, apple, minerals, celery and salmon oil).


And I have started with a half of scoop to gradually build his interest on it. The process has been so slow that I still don’t know if Dougal will be 100% interested in this type food. But I would love to see him enjoying it. So, I will keep “introducing” Pure Pet food at Dougal’s diet for a couple of more weeks and see if he approves it for good. 3/5

Here’s a video of how Dougal feel about Pure Pet Food these two weeks :O) 

More info about Pure Pet Food: 

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*I received this product complimentary from Pure Pet Food for testing purposes.

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