Keeping your New Year’s Resolution on track with Bidvine

We are almost at the end of 2017! And that’s exactly the moment when we start making the famous “New Year’s resolution list” of things that we never accomplish.

It’s always the same story: “I will learn to swim, eat healthier food and maybe have a personal trainer to keep me moving”. Then, excuse after excuse, we spend another twelve months without ticking any of those boxes. It’s frustrating, I know.

Well, not anymore. Not when you count on Bidvine – a website that helps you to search for local service professionals in the blink of an eye.


So, how does it work?

It looks ridiculously simple and straightforward. So, let’s give it a try – step by step.

Step 1: You will choose the service professional by categories. Fitness and Wellness were what got my attention straight away, so I have gone for swimming lessons to start with. Thinking ahead to keep my new years’ resolution ideas on track, of course. But I could also choose a nutritionist or look for personal training pros

Step 2:  This step is quite simple too. I needed to answer some questions such as What type of lessons you are looking for? Or Are you comfortable in the water? In my opinion, this second question not only helped me to filter this searching but also provided the right professional according to my needs.

Afterall, I will need a professional that can deal with my fear of swimming if water makes me uncomfortable.

Besides, it also makes the service more personalised and effective than a usual browse online.

Step 3: To finish my search, I just needed to add my postcode and email to create an account. Voilá, Bidvine was ready to make its magic work and find local swimming instructors matches for me.


So, is it effective?

Yes, it is!

  • I confess I lose my patience when searching online. It can be boring, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. But there is no procrastination when using Bidvine. I also don’t depend on businesses’ reply via email that can take ages to be answered or can end up in my spam folder. There is no messing about when using this website.
  • The website’s usability is another highlight for me. I would even recommend it to my auntie Kate that will be 80 years old in 2018. Bless her! She is not an Internet savvy, but she certainly loves sorting things out online. It’s definitely a good match for those not so familiar with the Internet shenanigans.
  • I can also download the app on my phone and tablet and reach them via social media as well. So, it is very appealing to everyone that has access to the internet.

I will certainly keep using and recommending this website to family and friends. And there are no more excuses to not finding that personal trainer or nutritionist that will sort my life out in 2018.

*This is a Sponsored Post in collaboration with Bidvine. However, all the views expressed here are my own.  

Simone Ribeiro
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