Keeping Things Cosy Beyond Christmas

Do you love that special cosy feel your home takes on at Christmas?

From the glittering decorations and familiar festive scents through to extra time spent with family and friends, there’s something about the season that makes everything seem that bit more merry and bright.

So, how do you retain some of that magic through the seasons? It’s not really the done thing to leave your Christmas tree up all year round, though if you do forget to take it down by the twelfth night, be warned, you’re traditionally meant to leave it up until Shrove Tuesday as a consequence.

Now that we’ve ruled out a year-round Christmas tree as a cosy focal feature, there are some small interiors changes and activities you can get on board with. Keeping things cosy beyond Christmas is probably easier than you think…

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The Cosy Living Trend

From the Danish concept of hygge to Scottish còsagach, the balanced approach of Swedish living lagom and the potentially tongue in cheek Irish teolaí, lifestyle trends based around contentment, looking after your own well being, and simply being darn comfortable and cosy have been gaining some serious momentum for some time now.

And, it’s probably not escaped your notice that these cosy trends have a certain sense of Christmas about them.

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After all, when else do we make time to enjoy so many things that make us happy? Borrowing bits from these trends along with retaining the most practical elements of Christmas could set you up for an altogether cosier 2018.

It’s not simply about changing up your interiors to make them look cosier or ‘Hygge’, ideally, you should commit a little more time to looking after yourself and doing the things you enjoy the most, with the people you enjoy the most. And that doesn’t need to be a materialistic thing at all, just like the best bits of Christmas.

Year Round Living Cosy Essentials

This year, when you pack away the Christmas decorations, maybe you could retain a little of the twinkle, enjoy those textured layers a little longer and work with those contrasting colour schemes that help give our homes a certain sparkle?

The cosy loving Danes burn more candles than any of their European counterparts according to the European Candle Association but LED fairy lights and indoor lanterns could also help you to retain that glow.

Natural soft furnishings can really make space feel warm and welcoming too, so if you’d like to hang on to those throws you’ve been snuggling under to watch family films, why not invest in a blanket box so you’ve always got them at hand?

As for the Christmas tree, the most nature-inspired of all the Christmas decorations, it surely shows the benefits of bringing a little of the outdoors in? Greenery in the home allows us to enjoy natural scents and quickly freshen up space. Is it time you were a little more green-fingered when it comes to house plants or could you give flower arranging a try?

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One of the most indulgent things about Christmas is surely the tins of chocolates and bowls of snacks and sweets that are laid out in anticipation of welcoming guests. Now, sticking with this tradition all through the year may have consequences for your waistline, but could you set something up so that you always offer a warm welcome?

An entertainment area with a bar cart or tea tray, or perhaps a little nook where you can catch up with guests and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa in extra comfortable surroundings? If that sounds like an unrealistic possibility for your chaotic living space, you could consider separating off a special quiet space using a large bookcase or even some internal doors.

Natural wood bi-folds like these from Vufold are in keeping with the cosy interiors vibe and can be dressed with curtains in tactile textures. Or, if you head down the bookcase as a barrier route, you’ll have a little nest all ready for some relaxing reading.

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Committing to Contentment

The cosiness of Christmas is in no small part also due to the many wonderful activities we make time for at Christmas that can be neglected throughout the year. From festive backing to family board games and going for refreshing walks in the crisp air.

Be honest, could you shun a little of your usual hustle and bustle to make space for the activities you know make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? You may unlock a little more contentment if you do.

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