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Turismo de Portugal has just launched the portuguesetrails.com platform, exclusively dedicated to the national offer of Cycling and Walking, with the aim of positioning the country as an international destination of excellence in this kind of tourist experiences.

The Algarve is the pilot region of the project, providing on the platform more than 140 bike paths and walking tours, 111 bike & walk friendly companies and about 60 programs aimed at national and international tourists.

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Source: Portuguese Trails

The platform will soon integrate the regions of Central Portugal and Alentejo and, in 2018, the remaining regions of the country.

Available in five languages, this platform is one of the actions of the Portuguese Trails project that Turismo de Portugal is developing in partnership with the seven tourist regions of the country, and with communities, associations and tourist companies, in an action between public entities and private partnerships.

The Portuguese Trails project aims to capture new segments of demand that have a potential for sustainable growth and encourage the increase of overnight stays and revenues in all regions, both on the coast and in the interior of the country, working for this in terms of land valuation, structuring promotion and marketing.


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Source: Portuguese Trails


About the routes:

Eurovelo 1 – Rota da Costa Atlântica – This itinerary is part of the Ecovia do Litoral, a cycling itinerary with 214 km connecting Vila Real de Santo António to Cabo de São Vicente, crossing 12 municipalities throughout the southern coastal line of the Algarve.

Source: Portuguese Trails

Grande Rota do Guadiana / Cycling – This is one of the Algarve’s most well-preserved secrets that can be unveiled by foot or bike, enjoying green landscapes where highlights go to the Salinas – water mirrors from which salt is extracted – the Castle of Castro Marim and the authenticity of several traditional villages. 

Source: Portuguese Trails

Grande Rota do Guadiana / Walking – This Route is known for its landscapes and historical and natural heritage: from beaches in the south to mountains in the North, always near the Guadiana River.

Source: Portuguese Trails

Percursos de Ciclismo de Estrada – There are 41 itineraries available for all types of cyclers, making a total of 4.3356 km. There are also 8 itineraries that include uphill areas for specific training, targeting more experienced cyclers and top-level athletes. 

Source: Portuguese Trails

Rota Vicentina / Cycling – The Caminho Histórico of the Rota Vicentina was awarded the European Certification of “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” given by the European Ramblers Association (ERA), is therefore included in the exclusive set of best European trail destinations. 

Source: Portuguese Trails

Rota Vicentina / Walking – This route is signalled and can be made in both ways, in a fully autonomous and safe way, preferentially between September and June. Each stage extends over a maximum of 25 km, so visitors can plan itineraries at their discretion and according to their personal preferences or fitness level. 

Source: Portuguese Trails

Via Algarviana / Cycling – The Via Algarviana has good cycling conditions across more than 90% of its extension. In general, trails are very demanding in a physical and technical point of view, thus, we recommend you do it in a minimum period of five days. Although the itinerary is properly marked, we advise cyclers to use a GPS and to download the existing coordinates. 

Source: Portuguese Trails

Via Algarviana / Walking – The Via Algarviana is properly marked with signals and interpretive panels allowing you to make about 300 km, divided into 14 sections, in which you can find small communities with support services, restaurants and accommodation. You can choose to make only a few sections of this itinerary, depending on your pace and interests. 

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Source: Portuguese Trails


Source: Turismo de Portugal 








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