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I am not the one to check the daily horoscope in the newspaper. Or either look for predictions for future anywhere else. So, I do confess to being a bit sceptical when I downloaded PalmistryHD.

This fortune-telling app provides a complete analysis of the palm of the hand revealing information about your future with a simple click.

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Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is an ancient practice that has been carried by generations around the world becoming extremely popular in several different cultures.

But it seems a long time ago since people needed to rely on palm readers to get their destiny disclosed. Not to mention that it demanded time, money and a bit of luck to find the right professional as well. Afterward, it’s not everyone that need to know personal details about your life, right?

Nowadays, the Internet makes this kind of service easier and more secure too. You can be your own palm reader with apps such as PalmistryHD and go straight to the point.

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How does it work?

There is no rocket science here. All you need to do is providing some basic information about yourself such as name and date of birth, then take a photo of the palm of your hand and boom: your fate is automatically revealed.

It is not magic, this app just uses a powerful biometric algorithm system that can read your palm instantly. Brilliant! And you don`t need to be an expert to find out how to use it. There is a guideline showing step by step how to do it.

You can choose the free palm reading like I did. This way, all you get is a summarised explanation of fitness and health, success, career and money, love and relationship etc. To be honest, it pretty much covers all the topics I was looking forward to check anyway.


It also worked well as a warm up to decide if you would like to carry on and purchase the app to get a full palm reading.

For my personal experience, there were some interesting points about my personality spotted during my palm reading via PalmistryHd. I like the idea of being considered a born survivor. Agreed!

“You are at your happiest when you retain an ace up your sleeves, as this ensures that other people may underestimate you.”

I also agree with that I am struggling to keep my fitness game up. I am working on it. Bear with me.

However, the app suggests that I have the characteristics of a great romantic person. Something I never would think to be read in the lines of my palm. I am in the best relationship I could ask in life, but I am not romantic at all. :O( Maybe I just should expand my reading to find out more about this passionate side of me. :O)


Where to get it?

The app is available to download for both mobile platforms Android and Iphones. So, if you need more detailed personal results, get a more personalised and completed one choosing from a classic reading (£.8.99) or a premium service (£11.99) that promises to reveal all about you!

It’s interesting to find out how many topics can be covered in a single palm reading. Be prepared to find answers to the most curious aspects of your life. Do you need to boost your career? Or simply want to know how to build better relationships? This can be a good app for you.

So, here are some other points to consider about PalmistryHD:

Design: On the contrary of other similar services available in the market, this app design is pretty attractive in my opinion. I felt quite relaxed when scrolling the screen to read my daily horoscope, for example. I think this kind of service needs a serene vibe and PalmistryHD captured well choosing purple, blue and black icons.


Usability: Easy to handle. There is even a guideline to show you how to place your palm in front of the screen to be read.

Overall: I’ve fully enjoyed the experience and I confess being surprised with some of the results after using PalmistryHD. Let’s say this app got 75% of me spotted one. So, you should give it a try too!


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