Aaptiv | Getting a personal trainer through your headphones

I know it’s cold and sometimes you JUST don’t feel that motivated to exercise outside. And it doesn’t matter what kind of activity you are looking for, hibernating becomes much more attractive when it’s winter here in the northern hemisphere.

My idea of fitness this moment would be resumed in using my treadmill as much as possible, and get back to some martial art classes that certainly is an energy boosting. I need to move and if I don`t mind if it means working out indoors.


Then I was introduced to Aaptiv – an app with audio based fitness classes, training programs created by expert trainers featuring working out trains that go from meditation to running outdoor and indoor routines. Those 2500 classes available are all pushed by a quite selective soundtrack and experienced trainers. So, music and training? That’s when the fun starts!

I do love my music but unfortunately, I am quite picky as well. So, the biggest challenge here would enjoy Aaptiv’s random playlists while working out.


How does it work? Scroll down the screen to see all classes available at first. Outdoor running, elliptical, indoor cycling, rowing, yoga etc. It goes forever. As soon as you click on the workout chosen, it is possible to see the name of the trainer, level of exercise (beginner, intermediate or advanced) type of music (from rock to pop to hip-hop) and workout duration. Pick your choice and be ready to burn some calories.


Did I enjoy it?

Let’s be honest. I found quite motivating to have a personal trainer plugged into my headphones.  The trainers’ voice works as the perfect guidance until the end of your workout routine. I quite liked the idea of having someone to keep me going. The trainer will usually tell you when to increase speed and keep your pace and all that small talks works. Especially when I was in the middle of those 20-something-minutes running (with a bit of inclining) on a treadmill.

I have tried to focus on running and weight loss exercises most of the time. But I also tried yoga and meditation. You can feel a bit lost sometimes if you are not familiar with the name of yoga positions, for example. But I guess you can get used to this quite quickly.

Aaptiv works for me because I am the ultimate anti-social when it comes to the gym environment. I am not a big fan of training with people sweating next to me, too much testosterone and all that jazz.


But tell me, is it the music really good?   

Yes, it was brilliant most of the time. Some people would find odd the fact that the trainers are speaking (and even singing) during the workout routines. But hey, that is what they do to keep you motivated all the way through it. And I was quite shocked to realise that Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey can be a good combo playlist to keep you fit. Blimey!

How do I get this app?

Aaptiv is available for both mobile platforms iOS and Android. You can also join a 30-day free trial here.

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