Why Being Green Should be your Business’ Main Concern In 2018

In an age where we’re sometimes quick to champion profit margins ahead of ethics, it’s important to occasionally reevaluate our priorities. A greener approach to life is something most people are encouraged to try in order to preserve the natural resources of the world – so why should it be any different for businesses?

Today, let’s run through four reasons why making your office greener should be the main concern.

  1. Public Image

 If you present yourself as a business which has a strong interest in being more environmentally friendly, you’re likely to boost trust levels amongst both consumers and prospective partners.

As the KEDGE Business school point out, A study by the Journal of Business Ethics highlighted that companies who were greener were perceived as having a higher level of integrity and benevolence. Reputation is everything in business, so boosting how your organisation is viewed can be integral to success.


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  1. Saving on costs

 You’ll also experience a healthy increase in profit levels with greener strategies employed across the office. CNBC provides an extensive list of where you can save money, with some of the most important factors including:

  • Eco-friendly lights – which last 25 times longer
  • Healthy eating – reducing food products which go to waste
  • Save on water – you can save anywhere up to £300 a year in a small office if you’re tight with water

In truth, there are a variety of ways to save money using this friendlier type of approach. It’s surprising how a few simple changes can make such a difference to annual profits.

  1. Employee retention rates increased

 Surprising as it might sound, there is a direct correlation between the level of green measures taken in an office and the retention rate of employees. As AutoEnrolment highlight in their resource on how to become a green business, as many as 52% of employees believe companies should be working to constantly improve their environmental footprint.


They also suggest applicants are beginning to see this as a crucial factor in deciding who they’re applying to for a career. By being greener, a company is naturally expanding their horizons when it comes to their employment base.

  1. Saving the environment

 Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, being green should be a businesses’ main concern because of the immense difference it can make to the world around us. At a time when natural resources are quickly running dry and global warming is a genuine threat, taking any steps you can is important.

Preserve energy, reduce your carbon emissions and try to produce less waste. Even if you’re adopting just the one approach, it will make a difference for the better.

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