Using Promotional Merchandise is one of the Most Effective Ways to Build Your Brand

When you aren’t in sight, you aren’t on the mind – a very old saying, but even today, it stands true. For your potential consumers to always think about you, you should always be in clear view. And how do you make this possible? Well, by using the promotional merchandise. Yes, it’s a traditional method to build awareness, but it is still so effective. And this is exactly why it should still be a part of your overall marketing campaign.

Creating awareness

Research suggests that around 62% people remember your company if they have merchandise, branded with your business. The quality of the promotional merchandise should be above par so that they actually use it. If you can, include the contact details as well so that you are always within quick reach.

Promotional merchandise serves as a reminder of your brand, generating customer loyalty if you use it smartly.

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Accessing advertising space

How many hours do people work in a day? Generally, around 8 hours are spent at your desk. Now if they have merchandise such as logoed promotional pens, a notebook or even a mouse pad on their desk, you have succeeded in securing the most valuable advertising space of all where they spend a significant amount of their time every day. Choose a product with great care, and it will become your brand’s permanent billboard, advertising your businesses wherever and whenever you want.

Building customer loyalty

Customer loyalty and engagement are two extremely important factors in building your business.  Promotional products can help you engage your customers, and if you do this effectively, you build brand loyalty as well. You may not be conversing with them, but they’ll still show loyalty, only because they have a promotional product for your brand that they use constantly.

Increasing passion

Branded merchandise can help your customers become more passionate about your brand. And when that happens, they’ll start recommending you to their family, friends and everyone else in their social circle. Thus, they actively market your business through word of mouth, which is one of the best ways of not only increasing awareness but getting leads as well.

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Minimising costs

Promotional merchandise is a cost-effective means of marketing your business. When your budget is limited, it is a really good way to generate awareness, without increasing your costs. Most promotional merchandise is available at affordable rates because they are usually ordered in a bulk. Choose a good supplier, and you’d even enjoy quality at the same rates.

Using promotional products

Promotional products such as t-shirts, pens, mugs and bags can be used in so many ways. Hand them out to your customers, distribute them to your sales team, or even your employees. Select a particular event for this such as a conference, trade fair or simply any day of the year.

Start investing in promotional products, and watch your brand grow.

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