How B2B Branding Is Different from B2C Branding

Unless you clearly understand the difference between B2B and B2C marketing, you won’t be able to clearly set and achieve their sales goals.

However, if you don’t understand the difference between these marketing niches, your investment may not benefit you. B2B marketing targets other businesses, whereas individual customers are the major targets in B2C marketing. You must consider your target market to develop an effective marketing strategy.

B2B Model

In B2B model, businesses sell their products and services to other businesses. This business model is usually adopted by businesses that develop source material for the production of bigger products. For instance, IBM builds chips and other components and later sells these items to other companies that use these products in their electronic devices.


B2C Model

B2C model, on the other hand, is adopted by businesses that directly sell their products and services to consumers. Customers buy required products directly from manufacturers or retailers. Dell is one of the most prominent companies that work on B2C model. Instead of selling their products to retailers or distributors, they allow end customers to buy products by getting in touch with the manufacturers.

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

It can be quite confusing for you to decide on the most suitable marketing tactics for your business. Here are the major differences between both business models:

Customer Base

B2B companies usually have a smaller customer base. They can contact companies that need their services or products and tailor the brand to meet their specific needs. These campaigns are carried out by a specialised B2B branding agency. B2C companies, however, usually have a wider range of customer base to target. They need to consider the requirements of individual customers to attract potential customers and retain them for long.

The decision making of customer varies in B2B and B2C model. B2B marketing should focus more on facts and statistics to convince customer base into buying products or services. However, when it comes to B2C marketing, emotions are the driving force. If marketing campaigns target different emotions of customers including attraction, fear, or happiness, they’re more likely to give your products a try.


Sales Process

The sales process is usually longer in B2B branding. The major interest of B2B salespeople is in attracting long-term buyers for a business. There are various stakeholders involved and the prices of products and services are relatively high, which is why the sales cycles take longer time. B2C branding usually doesn’t take as long to attract customers. Customers make buying decisions on their own, due to which it’s relatively easier for a salesperson to convince them.

Product Details

Whether you intend to run a B2B or a B2C campaign, you should add value for your customers. B2B marketing campaigns should focus more on conveying expertise and information. You should logically explain why other businesses need your products or services. B2C branding should explain the benefits of products to customers. They don’t necessarily need in-depth information to make a decision.

B2B and B2C branding differ in various ways. Therefore, you need to consider your requirements before choosing a marketing model. It’ll help you carry out marketing campaigns in a more efficient manner and successfully increase revenue.

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