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Norway is a country driven by nature and has much more to offer than you might imagine! Land of enchanting fjords, the magic of the northern lights and the midnight sun, this is a destination to leave any type of traveller ecstatic. From north to south, there are numerous unusual experiences, all year round.

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Ever imagined riding a reindeer sleigh, just like Santa? Staying in a hotel where all the construction and furniture are made of ice? And watch closely how the famous Norwegian cod fishery is made? These are just some of the activities that can be done in the north of the country. In the fjord region, the adventure is even more incredible, with boat trips, historic hotels, trails with stunning scenery and a wide variety of extreme sports.

Norway’s largest cities, such as Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund, still offer acclaimed gastronomy, unlike any other place in the world, as well as cultural richness with museums such as the Viking boat and the painter Edvard Munch.

Anyone who wants to know this paradise should not think twice. Access is very easy, with flights made by the major European airlines. In addition, the Norwegian people are extremely receptive and the whole environment of the place contributes so that the visitors have unforgettable moments.


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Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. The destination is known for its paradisiacal landscapes, preserved nature and its multiculturality. The islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the main ones.

Around them are the so-called inner islands, where most of the population lives and all cultural effervescence happens, so they are the most visited by travellers. The outer islands are further apart and retain their natural features virtually intact.

For all this, Seychelles are several destinations within one. Each island has its own characteristics, landscapes and offers different experiences. It is worth exploring to the maximum every corner of the archipelago and to understand why it is called “another world”.

As Seychelles has received people of different cultures, religions and traditions for centuries, the country has developed multi-ethnic roots, which are present today in its official languages (Creole, English and French), religions, gastronomy, arts, music, dance and architecture.

In addition to appreciating its multicultural characteristics, Seychelles values sustainable tourism. With about 50% of its land area preserved, the destination prides itself on its conservation practices and nature preservation. There is a huge diversity of fauna and flora in the Seychellois Islands and many endemic species.

For all its paradisiacal landscapes, unspoiled nature, year-round hot climate and unique experiences, Seychelles are much sought after by couples for romantic getaways, families, divers, by those who enjoy outdoor activities or even group of friends.


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Monaco, a country located between France and the Mediterranean, is famous for its elegance, sporting events such as Formula 1, designer brands and giant yachts.

However, the place is not just about luxury experiences and offers endless other possibilities that can be explored on a trip. Moreover, being easily accessible is an excellent extension for itineraries in Europe and a way to close any journey to the Old Continent with a golden key.

The Principality, which has Monte Carlo as its main neighbourhood, is excellent for those who want to enjoy fine cuisine, bustling nightlife, sporting and cultural events of all kinds that take place all year round, museums of various subjects, beaches and water activities, shopping, wellness treatments, for those interested in history and architecture or even for those who like to explore and discover different and charming places.

Among the attractions of the country, no doubt the Casino de Monte-Carlo and the Port Hercule, with its countless yachts moored, are its main postcards. Other points worth visiting are the Prince’s Palace, the Cathedral, the many gardens (such as the Exotic Garden), the smaller brother of Port Hercule called Port de Fontvieille, the Oceanographic Museum and the Antique Car Collection, between many others.

In addition, the Monaco government and local establishments (such as hotels, restaurants, clubs and other companies) are increasingly concerned with supporting sustainable initiatives, promoting responsible tourism, investing in organic gastronomy, and discussing socio-cultural patterns important to the future of the planet.

There are even many activities and places that travellers can go to know more about these projects.

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