Ways to Improve Your Office’s Environment in 2018

Have you ever wondered why your colleague in the next cubicle keeps a potted plant on her desk? Indoor potted plants are an incredibly effective way to liven up your office space. Interior decorators and officer designers have been using this trick for a long time when designing hotel lobbies, corporate offices and workshops.

Indoor plants help brighten up the environment, give your workplace a natural feel and even help clean up the air. Studies show that some varieties of plants can soak up to 80% of the harmful chemicals in air fresheners such as xylene and formaldehyde and improve the air quality.

Compare the price of potted plants to some of the air filters available in the market. It makes sense to go the route of potted plants to get the air inside your office cleaned, all in a natural process.

Tips to Freshen up the Office in 2018

You can give your office the fresh look with a classy selection of flora by hiring indoor plants that require little maintenance, cost even less and make a great positive effect on staff productivity.


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Spider Plant

This indoor plant is perfect for to hang from the ceiling or keep on high shelves. It requires very little maintenance and the plant can sustain in shade just as well as in sunlight. PlantMan ranks it as the top choice to liven up your office.

It is considered one of the top varieties of indoor plants that can remove VOCs from the indoor air. The long and thin leaves spread out in all directions giving it a spider-like shape.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is an ancient herb with a pleasant smell that works like a natural air freshener. What the plant lacks in terms of looks, it more than makes up with its lemon-scented fragrance that will leave your staff feeling fresh and energized.

The plant requires little sunlight and can survive with 3 to 5 hours of sunlight each day. If it becomes wilted, it can recover very quickly with water so you can get away even with little care for the plant.


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Colorful, stylish and extremely resilient, the Philodendron is considered one of the top indoor plants for cleaning up air from VOC and excess carbon dioxide.

According to researchers from the University of Technology in Sydney, a daily exposure to high carbon dioxide and VOC can cause drowsiness, headaches and loss of concentration.

The Philodendron is considered a mood as its brighter varieties can put anyone into a good mood and uplift spirits around the office floor.

Peace Lily

This plant is popular indoors both at homes and offices. When in full bloom the distinct white petals at the top can create a stunning effect that is very calming.

The plant requires little maintenance and sunlight although it can grow to a tall height so these are best placed in bigger pots at corner. Placed by the water cooler, they can be the source for initiating discussion and generally put people in a happy mood.

English Ivy

English Ivy is ideal for freshening up the office. This plant can be placed strategically in large pots or even grow as a vine climbing up a pole. It may also be placed in a hanging basket from the ceiling.

English Ivy is very effective at removing pollutants from the air and clearing the environment in your office of carbon dioxide.

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