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I have vague memories of using coconut soap as shampoo in my hair as a child. In fact, it was a common habit of my family to use it in most of the households. I have no idea if that kind of product wouldn’t be specifically made to clean your hair, but back there it looked affordable and effective.

That was the reason I was genuinely excited about trying the shampoo bars of Amphora Aromatics this month. The idea of going back to the habit of using 100% natural products that don`t damage your hair or the planet is always very appealing to me.



The shampoo bars are on the market since 1940’s. It` s not a new trend but the “no poo” way of life is here to stay, and I am glad to be part of this. Plus, the benefits of using this kind of product are countless. They are easy and practical to take with you when travelling. They last longer and give you twice as many washes as a 250ml bottle of shampoo and more important, these products are parabens free, do not contain SLS/SLES or any chemical agents.

Unboxing my shampoo bar

Amphora Aromatics has a range of eight solid, long-lasting shampoo bars (50g) made with 100% pure essential oils that include:

  • Botanical boost (Frankincense, Rose and Argan Oil – for all types of hair),
  • Lifestyle (Lavender, Rosemary & Chamomile -for itchy and dry hair),
  • Twilight (Cinnamon, Clove and Peppermint- for dry hair),
  • Brilliantly Balancing (Lemon & Bergamot – for greasy and oily hair),
  • Intense Coconut (100% pure coconut oil – for dry and damaged hair),
  • Almond (Almond oil- for dry, dull and damaged hair),
  • Illuminate Blonde (Geranium, Almond & Lemon – for dry and damaged hair) and
  • Zing Fresh (Peppermint & Coconut – for oily, dry and damaged hair).


Which one to go for?

After reading the description of all products, my pick was the Twilight one.

“Warming, uplifting and comforting to soothe dry scalps and straighten hair. A shot of mineral-cinnamon and clove essential oils help stimulate circulation and encourage healthy hair growth. Calming Peppermint oil steps to soothe, with extracts of Nettle working to straighten and improve hair quality. Nourishing coconut oil moisturises and conditions, making hair more manageable.”

It is a matter of taste and type of hair. So, look for shampoo bar that can be adapted to your hair easily.


Was it a nice choice?

For sure. So far, so good. I love the combination of the fragrance of this product, to start with. Cinnamon, clove and peppermint work quite well together as natural ingredients.

It is easy to apply, and you can see the changes in your scalp already when washing it for the first time. It takes more time to get rid of all lather at first, but it is part of the nourishing result later.

After several weeks washing my hair every 2 or 3 days a week with Twilight, I could feel my dry hair softer, glossier and shinier. If before I have struggled with frizz, I can definitely say my hair is looking more natural now. It is certainly healthier and fresher as well.




Any downside?

I’m not going to lie, the adaptation to this kind of product can be a little tricky in the beginning. There are days that my hair didn`t accept the product at all in a way that I had to spend a lot of time untangling it. It was drier than usual, but I believe it is due to the fact I was changing from liquid shampoos to a bar. The knots are not spotted anymore. In fact, I think it is easier to comb any tangled hair now.

Don’t forget those products last longer but they also have expiring time. Six months is the right time to use them.

In general, there is no major downside spotted using this product so far. But I know that it is a matter of taste and adaptation. My hair likes it so I will keep using it for good.



I am totally sold. I love this shampoo bar and all the benefits this brings to my life. I would recommend it with my eyes closed. I also would recommend anyone invest their money in any brand that uses natural ingredients like Amphora Aromatics. It is not only environmental correctly, but it should have seemed like lifestyle changes too.  Just go for it! 

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*I received this product complimentary from Amphora Aromatics for testing purposes. 

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