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I’ll be honest and say that I never paid to much attention to what kind of socks I should choose until I have moved from Brazil to a country where the weather demands us wearing them most part of the year. This way, since it becomes the priority, it’s perfectly fine to look for quality products.

I am testing pairs of the air wool socks by Petani this month to let you know what all the hype about it is. To start with, I was looking for socks that could be not just comfortable but also long-lasting pieces.

I received 2 pairs of Merino Wool Organic Cotton Heated Yarn Dress Sock, in Dark Black. Both large sizes. I have used them during the last cold days in the UK when the temperature dropped to minus figures.

Those socks fitted perfectly also when I have decided to go for one of my winter hiking. It kept me warm when I have decided to face the snow days outside. Whether wearing boots or wellies, I was pretty impressed with the thickness of the product that kept my feet warm all day long.


The wool socks are made of natural cotton and bamboo with 25% merino wool, 17% cotton, 44% Polyester, 9% acrylic, 4% polyamide, 1% spandex.  The fabric is so soft, and it is a no-itchy piece.

Another great feature is holding their shape quite well. There is nothing more annoying than wearing socks that will get loose in a matter of days. Petani ones are resistant and well-designed.

Now, I am looking forward to trying those socks on long-haul flights to see if it is a good match also in the air. By far, I have enjoyed the experience.  Let’s see what future brings. You can find the wool socks by Petani here.


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