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The word of the moment is saving. Saving space, save money, save time and if possible, save the planet. And if you work remotely like I do, managing space and time are two things that needed to be mastered to succeed in your career.

As an online tutor and freelance journalist, I have learnt how to use my time wisely and divide tasks equally. Day by Day. I use weekly planners to control deadlines. I also have transformed a room in the house to call as “my office”. Believe me, those little changes are important and make a huge impact in your work life.

That is the reason it is so important to create a space at home that can make my work life balanced and organised. For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned – as it is spotted on virtual (pin) boards of Pinterest.

Everybody knows that stationery is taken seriously when working remotely. As a teacher, a whiteboard is a powerful tool that is versatile and durable. It’s prioritised in my work life.


The colourboard is used as my personal bookmark on the wall to remind me about deadlines and bills to be paid, of course. I also use it to pin photos of family, places visited and everything I need to remember to do during the week. I don`t know if I could live without this kind of product, to be honest.

And one of the products that I would add to my workspace is a combined Colourboard and Magnetic Whiteboard by Sundeala. The idea of having a 2 in 1 board at home is not only about saving space, but it is also practical and modern at the same time.

The colourboards are available in six different colours: red, blue, green, charcoal, wheat and lilac. You can choose your favourite here. Besides, this is an environmentally friendly product made from 100% recycled material. I couldn’t ask for more.

In fact, Sundeala is a UK business well-known for its recycled pinboards, noticeboards and presentation products produced in its eco-friendly factored lace in Cam, Gloucestershire, with 0% impact on the environment. It fits perfectly in my list of saving the planet2.jpg ideas.

What I like most about this type of board is the elegant design feature that brings so much life to the ambient. It is incredible how a little bit of colour can changes your workspace completely. Another important reminder is that when a product is made of recycled material it does not mean that it’s not quality.

On the contrary, these boards are made of durable materials that include even anodised aluminium frame with rounded safety corners. It also includes fixing kit and the whiteboard is a Coated Steel Magnetic Drywipe model.

Meaning: you can`t go wrong with ecologically efficient products. Simple as that!

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