Get Ready to Join Unique Cooking Classes across Tuscan Spa Hotels this Summer

Italian Hospitality Collection is delighted to announce the launch of the Equilibrium Cooking School across its three Tuscan spa hotels, Grotta Giusti, Bagni di Pisa and Fonteverde.

On select dates in June 2018, guests across the three hotels will be able to sign up for the School entirely free of charge, with the option to join five two-hour sessions from Monday to Friday.

The gut-health boosting cooking classes are the latest offering from Italian Hospitality Collection, best known for pioneering the award-winning Equilibrium wellness programme, a spa, exercise and dietary retreat targeting internal inflammation, the number one cause of life-limiting illnesses.

Through participation in the Equilibrium Cooking School, which will see participants learn to make a variety of macrobiotic, anti-inflammatory recipes, guests will now be able to uncover the Equilibrium philosophy in the tastiest way possible.

The School, which will be led by the head chef and leading dietician at each property, will cover a different aspect of nutrition every day, ranging from lessons in probiotics to high-protein, anti-oxidant foods and nutraceuticals.


Seasonal, local produce, specially selected for its health-boosting properties, and superfoods such as turmeric, kombu seaweed and black sesame, will form the basis for each recipe, as guests learn preparation techniques and cooking methods that will be easy to replicate in their own kitchens.

At the end of the week, participants will compete in a Masterchef-style invention test, choosing from a selection of nutritious ingredients before cooking off against each other to create the best-tasting dish.

The chef will teach students to create a variety of healthy and delicious recipes such as Miglio con broccoli e crema di porro’ (quinoa with broccoli in a creamy leek sauce), after which students will recreate and taste the dishes as a dietician talks through the myriad nutritional benefits of each ingredient.

A book of recipes will be gifted to each guest upon completion of the course, which will allow them to continue their healthy new lifestyle long after returning home.

The Equilibrium Cooking School is free of charge for all guests of Grotta Giusti, Bagni di Pisa and Fonteverde, and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, up to a maximum of 15 participants.


 All three spas are set in beautiful and historic Tuscan villas which were former homes of notable figures including the Medici family, the Grand Duke of Tuscany and poet Giuseppe Giusti.

All three are located above natural thermal springs whose healing properties have been known since ancient times and whose waters have induced Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England and Mary Shelley, amongst others, to visit over the centuries.

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  • Nightly rates at Grotta Giusti start from €144 (£128**) per person per night in a Comfort room on a B&B basis. The Equilibrium Cooking School at Grotta Giusti will be held on 18th– 22nd June, For further information or to book please or call +39 0572 90771.

Bagni di Pisa_Hotel Fa+ºade.jpg

  • Nightly rates at Bagni di Pisa start from €150 (£133**) per person per night in a Comfort room on a B&B basis. The Equilibrium Cooking School at Bagni di Pisa will be held on 4th– 8thFor further information or to book please or call +39 050 88501.


  • Nightly rates at Fonteverde start from €219 (£194**) per person per night in a Privilege room on a B&B basis. The Equilibrium Cooking School at Fonteverde will be held on 11th– 15th To book visit


All rates include access to the Equilibrium Cooking School, wi-fi, access to spa and fitness facilities.





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