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Did you know that the average UK office worker sits 10 hours each day, with almost 70% of sitting taking place at work and 73% only leaving their desk for toilet or tea breaks? This is a very impressive number!

As teacher and freelance journalist, my work demands to spend several sitting down in front of the computer screen. Sometimes, I don’t even see the time passing by and if you don’t plan your day correctly, the work hours end in double figures.


One of my main concerns about working remotely is becoming the laziest person ever. When you are only twenty steps far from you’re your workplace also means a quick step to the sedentarism. It’s scary!

Fortunately, there are simple measures that can minimise the effects of a sedentary work environment. Standing up more is definitely an important one. It’s important to start making a big effort and change your routine a little bit on daily basis.


But how should I start it?

I was lucky enough to be invited to test the standing Yo-Yo Desk®, an adjustable standing desk exclusively supplied by® – Europe’s fastest selling sit-stand desk.

This amazing product comes in three sizes to suit every worker and workplace: The Yo-Yo Desk® MINI, The Yo-Yo Desk® 90 and the Yo-Yo Desk® 120.

How easy is it to assemble?

Incredibly easy. Despite the size of my desk, I could put it all together with no extra help. One of the best things about this product is the practicality to assemble it. I probably spent less than 30 minutes to assemble my Yo-Yo Desk®.


The desktop and the keyboard tray and all the assembly kit are easy to handle, and you probably will need help just to lift it when putting your standing-desk on the working station. It can be heavy, and you shouldn’t do it by yourself and avoid causing harm or injury.

The cable ties with Velcro adhesive are also a special bonus. It keeps your computer cables tidy and organised. Perfect for those who need to work with more than one device.

How does it look?

I would say it is a well-designed product that will make your workstation looks tidy and organised. My model is in the black colour, but you can also choose a white one.


So, how good is that?

I have chosen the Yo-Yo Desk® 90 and my first impression of the product was: it’s definitely value for money. It is not the biggest model available, but it certainly fits in my necessities as a teacher.

There are plenty of space to keep my notes, props and every object that I need while I am working with children. So, if you have a big space available to place your Yo-Yo Desk® 90, this would be a perfect match for you.


As an adjustable standing desk, it makes my life easier when I need to move around while teaching or even when I am posting this blog, for example. I like working on my feet and I am kind of getting used to this now that I have this sit-standing desk. Plus, there are no excuses anymore to not keep me active during my working hours.

Important tip: Use a Yo-Yo Mat ® if possible

I have also received a complementary Yo-Yo Mat ®, and I can’t even describe how comfortable my work days became since I included this anti-fatigue mat to my “office” as well. It helps to keep my correct posture and reduce the risk of suffering from pain or tiredness whilst standing.

The quality of this mat is outstanding. Solid, one-piece polyurethane construction and a high-density core that’s guaranteed not to lose support over time. An environmentally friendly and non-toxic accessory that is an essential item for those working on feet.


I can always alternate my working routine with frequent breaks from standing up or sitting up. The ideal thing is to also spend five minutes each hour walking around if it is possible.

The anti-fatigue mat helps to keep my feet rest for the entire lesson session as well. I usually wear appropriate comfortable shoes, but this accessory has increased my foot movements boosted the blood circulation too.

It’s a fact that nowadays in Nordic countries, 90% of office workers have a sit-stand desk. I guess it can also become a reality here in the UK if you consider that a standing Yo-Yo Desk® is a very affordable product (with starting prices under £200). It is a perfect example of how easy we can improve productivity and see the benefits of a more active working day.

Yo- Yo Desk 90 - Adjustment 2.jpg

The Sit-Stand.Com® is a major sponsor of the non-profit Active Working CIC (Community Interest Company) which pushes for greater research into the dangers of sedentary working. The brand also sponsors the On Your Feet Britain day which is on April 27. Save the date and get more info here:

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