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Is there any better way of giving your rooms some colours and creativity insights than spreading canvases on the wall? I just love it. My flat is fulfilled with family portraits, landscapes that I have visited or would like to be someday. It’s full of arts of all kind, all framed on the walls.

It helps to keep your memories fresh and it says a lot about you as well. Your house, your rules, your walls.


I never heard about photowall.com until I was invited to review one of their products. Photowall is a Swedish company passionate about design that helps us to fill up our rooms with more colours and creativity through their range of wall murals and canvas prints.

What does impresses me about the products is their knowledge and passion for interior design. Scandinavian interior design always was inspiring to me. No other people can put together minimalism and functionality so well.


Wall Murals or canvas prints?

After having a quick stroll in the website to get a gist of what I should go for. I could pick rather a wall mural or canvas print. I do confess I would love to have a wall mural if I wasn`t living in a rental property. That would be fantastic. Next time, maybe.

Photowall offers a range of wall murals featuring classic decorative images divided into categories that go from animals to arts to even using your own images. There is no limit to creativity here.

The other alternative was choosing a perfect canvas print to fit perfectly in my living room. I was surprised to see Birmingham’s skyline available on the website. Everybody likes skylines. Me included. So, why not have a bit of Brum on my wall? Just perfect!

That was when the fun started because after choosing your product, it’s time to be prepared to assemble it by yourself. What? I know, it looks tricky but it’s easier than you think.


How does it work?

After choosing your canvas or wall mural, all you need to do is ticking some boxes in threes easy steps:

  • Choosing the framing: with do-it-yourself frame or canvas only (29mm thick) or Canvas only (in a roll without frame).
  • Edge: Choose between image, black or white edge to print.
  • Enter your required canvas print dimensions (front of print, excluding edge) in the width and height fields. The maximum size for prints with a do-it-yourself tenter frame is 150 cm x 150 cm (+ edge). The maximum size of canvas only is 500 cm x 150 cm (+ edge).

How easy is it to assemble?

First things first: there is an assembly instruction packed with your canvas. Illustrative images will help you to follow all steps but if it still seems complicated, this video below will be all you need to assemble your canvas print properly.

That was not difficult. You just need to have a clean flat surface space to do the whole process properly.

As soon as you get the right position of the frame along the four edges of the cloth your canvas print will be assembled smoothly.

Was it worth it?

Very much indeed. It’s a functional, well-designed quality canvas at a very affordable price. I would recommend it to everyone looking for inspiration and creative interior design ideas to decorate your house.

If you want to order your own wall mural or canvas print you can get 20% off with my discount code MidlandsTradecampaign2018 valid until 10th May 18.

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