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If you visited this blog before, you know I am very keen on finding quirky Airbnb accommodation everywhere I go. Why not try to do the same when visiting my family in Santos?


With my two cheeky twin nieces growing up so fast, not just the family had stretched out but it was clear that we needed more space to be able “guest my family” in the city.

Thinking about this, we went for a big apartment right in the heart of Gonzaga beach to make sure everyone from my family would feel comfortable enough to spend a night (or two) there.

Of course, Sofia and Livia are so hectic now that all they need is spending energy as much as possible during the day ( and night). So, that looked just right to have a bigger accommodation to crash.

santos 5.JPG

Then we looked for some great options and decided to get a three-bedroom flat that literally was breath-taking and affordable. Very affordable.

It’s fact that the currency was by our side back at that time so we could spend more than eight days in that kind of apartment without worrying about bankrupt.  Very important thought.



If you have never been to Santos before, you just need to know it’s famous because of Pelé, the Brazilian footballer that played for its local team Santos Football Club. If you are not old enough, think about it as the place that also put Neymar in the spotlight.


Check my visit to the Pelé’s Museum here

Fortunately, Santos is not just famous for its football stars, it’s also a beautiful city on the coastline of São Paulo, where I used to live before moving to the UK. And I love Santos. I love coming back to my hometown and spending days in the sunshine enjoying every single minute with my family there.



This flat is located in the heart of the commercial part of Santos called Gonzaga. It’s in Gonzaga that you find shopping centres, nice restaurants and bars. Besides the gorgeous views of Gonzaga beach itself. Gonzaga is a very safe part of the city to stay if you think about visiting the city soon.

The other good point was being only 10 minutes far from my parent’s house.


Comfort and privacy were also a priority when we rented this place. The flat was on the 11th floor ( If I am not wrong) where it was located only two apartments on the floor. The condo offered two garage spaces and there was 24/7 doormen service.

Inside it, space was not a problem. The living room and dining room is the first space featured on it. From this point, we could see how spacious the entire apartment was.


It has a nice décor and a television, six chairs dining table, a big sofa bed and a gigantic front room window where you can see a glimpse of the ocean right in front of you.

Despite being a huge space, it was also cosy enough to make us feel at home away from home. The views during the night were pretty nice too.

There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the sound of waves breaking in a summer night in Brazil.  The true meaning of a holiday in Santos.

Brazil Nove 2015 (702).JPG


Right on the left, there was a kitchen equipped with all it is needed when staying in a place by the beach. There was another table that we used to have breakfast sometimes and we have access to all kitchen appliances such as pans, clutter, blenders and etc.

Brazil Nove 2015 (720).JPG

It was by the kitchen as well that is placed the laundry also equipped with clean towels, a washing machine and enough space to hang clothes or even use as a pet-friendly room if it could have pets in the accommodation.

I am not sure if it does. There is nothing mentioned on its Airbnb page. I’m afraid!

santos 6

The three bedrooms were also filled with enough bed linen and pillows. To be honest, it could go with a bit more character. The furniture was basic, and it has a lack of personality. Some decorative objects and some colours on the walls would give this apartment a unique touch.


But for big families that are more interested in spending most of the days out on the beach, it was enough I guess.

There are two bathrooms ( and a half) in this accommodation. Both accommodated with hot showers, hairdryers, and more towels.


By the way, I never saw so many personal items in an Airbnb before as in this one. It looks like that apartment was once (not a long time ago) home to someone who clearly left a lot of personal stuff behind. There were even hats, shoes and other clothes in the wardrobes.

Brazil Nove 2015 (723).JPG

Reading some recent reviews of this apartment, it seems that the place was refurbished, and the owner replaced some of the furniture and accessories in the apartment. About time. It would be just great to check the changes on it in the future.

As you can imagine, it is very hot in Brazil and it was great to see air conditioners in the main rooms of the property as well as plenty of ventilation coming from every window in the apartment. It makes a huge difference.


I really enjoyed the facilities and it was perfect to receive my family for some days as well to feel like a proper holiday summer in Brazil.

I definitely would recommend this accommodation to anyone thinking about enjoying the beautiful city of Santos in the future when you are travelling in big groups or you have family around.





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