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Here we go again for one more natural products to test by Pure Potions. This time, I had the chance to try their ultra-natural Hair & Scalp range, shampoo, conditioner and scalp oil. As its know, Pure Potions works just with products that are perfect match for people with sensitive or any allergy-prone skin. The company as created by, Natalie Balmond, a mother that was searching for an effective and natural way of managing her daughter’s dry and allergy-prone skin.

Sometimes, it’s just difficult to find shampoos or conditioners free from polluting additives, and preservatives that irritates the scalp. The price you pay for cheap products available in the market, can end up in huge cost when dealing with the consequences of a damaged, irritated and dried hair.

I am trying to use as much as products with natural ingredients and all benefits of organic essential oils. So, I am sure this shampoo and conditioner could be a good match when looking for products with botanicals essences.

What is the fuss about it?

I have received three products to test:


Pure Potions Shampoo – with chamomile, nettle & chickweed:

It’s a mild and gentle formula is specially formulated for dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin. This shampoo contains EFA-rich hemp seed oil to give the scalp the necessary nutrients to keep it strong, shiny and healthy.

This is a truly natural product that don’t use harsh synthetic ingredients that you usually find in the most of high-street hair products.


Pure Potions Conditioner – with calendula, oat and hemp seed oil:

It is a perfect complement to the shampoo because its designed to nourish any sensitive scalp, hydrating it with help of nutrient-rich organic hemp seed oil together with herbal tinctures found at the calendula, chamomile, nettle and chickweed. It also contains growth-boosting Argenine and ultra-nourish oats. Meaning: all nature-derived ingredients.


Skin Salvation Scalp Oil -with borage and rosemary

With no artificial chemicals and preservatives, thus Scalp Oil is the perfect alternative to hydrate scalps that need extra care. It’s a 100% natural moisturising treatment which health oils. Its blend of effective smoothing, antimicrobial oil condition, cleanse and hydrate the scalp.

This product is also suitable to skins prone to itchy, flaky scalps, eczema, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.  Together with the natural properties of borage and rosemary, this Scalp oil contains hemp seed, tea tree and nettle oils.

Does it really work?

These are both very kind and gentle products. I have started trying both, shampoo and the conditioner, since early April and the first impression was the smell of fresh ingredients that is really overwhelming. The texture of both products is also different of the normal haircare products I have used in the past.

I found interesting using less quantity of shampoo that I used to do before. This is since products made of mild plant-based are gentler to your hair. It has less foam. Consequently, you will need less washing as well because it keeps your hair softer and glossier for longer. No joking. It really works like this.


It does not mean you will not have a clean hair. It does do the job with more effectiveness. And like I said before, the natural fragrance of its ingredients is a proof that nature does moisturise and protect your hair in a better way.

In the beginning it is strange to get used to this because we tend to associate foam with more effective results. But when we use natural ingredients in our skin, it’s certainly does work better because the natural oils input on it.

The experience with the conditioner had the same effect. In the beginning you think its texture never will be reaching the hair shaft properly. Then, the result is beyond believe. I feel my hair smoother, silky, moisturised and 100% healthier.

Both extremely easy to rinse out and I am really happy about the result. To be honest, one of my pet hates are using products in my hair that takes extra minutes to be out of my scalp. It irritates me and make me spend much time under the shower sometimes.

So, in the end, lack of foam means healthier and more practical hair. Never forget it!

Despite not having an itchy scalp, I was comfortable to putting in my body has no petrochemical or soap-based detergents, and that this way wouldn’t be harming my skin when in contact with the entire body.

I have chosen to use the Scalp Oil before going to bed, applying it directly in the scalp and with the assistance of a towel on the pillow, the product didn`t staining. Again, I can`t get enough of its natural smell of those products. It is not fragrance. It is the smell of natural products in your hair. You can`t get wrong with it.

*I received this product complimentary from Pure Potions for testing purposes.

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