Why Businesses Should Play an Active Role in their Communities

As a business, it can be easy to become bogged down with the performance of your company, especially when you may not be performing as expected. However, it is equally as important to remain active in the local community because, after all, if your city isn’t thriving, neither will your business.

Whether your business supports other local businesses by buying locally, sponsoring events in the community or by a simple act of charity that goes a long way, there are many ways in which you can play an active role. Here, we look at some of the most popular and effective ways in which your business can support your local community.

Buy Locally

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be able to source local products instead of shopping from abroad. Not only will this support local businesses on your doorstep, but this can also help to cut down on costs and lead time – even if the basic cost is more than, say, material from China, the cost of transport will be much less.

There is also the opportunity for reciprocal business, where your suppliers turn into customers, keeping a healthy flow of money. This also increases the chances of word of mouth in the local area when dealing with local businesses, both in terms of a supplier and customer.



Holding Events in the Community

What better way to get your name known in the community than by holding or sponsoring a local event? An open day or a BBQ always make for great events that bring people together, just make sure to provide some kind of entertainment otherwise your guests will become bored – this certainly won’t reflect well.

If hosting an event is outside of your remit, then sponsoring a local event is the next best thing. Fundraisers for charities, festivals and family events are all fantastic ways to give back to the community, all while increasing your brand exposure and the possibility of gaining positive PR.

Sponsor a Local Football Team

In most areas, there will be numerous local football teams that often gain good exposure in their own right via local newspapers. Even if you do not want or cannot afford the costs associated with sponsored a senior team’s kit, it is possible to sponsor youth teams kits for a fraction of the cost.

Every time a team gets their picture in the paper – do your research, as some will be covered more than others – your brand gets exposure. Yes, this is a form of advertising, but you are also seen to be giving back to your community, which is always a good thing.

In the age of social media, pictures can be shared online to an audience of hundreds and thousands in an instance. You no longer need to hope that the local newspaper sends down a reporter and photographer.

Positive meeting


Even in major cities such as Birmingham and London, perhaps that should read as especially in major cities, the rate of homelessness is high. If your business has something that you can offer, such as extra food that would otherwise be thrown away, why not offer it to the homeless?

It doesn’t cost much to give something back to the community and play an active role in doing so and, in some cases, can actually help to reduce overall costs.

While positive exposure should not be your primary reason for doing so, it is an added bonus that can come about when doing so. A good reputation can go a long way in business.

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