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I am not a sweet tooth person (except when we talk chocolate, of course) and I certainly would say the last Birthday cake I had was one handcrafted (a beautiful one, by the way) by my ex-work colleagues two years ago. It was my 40’s. Special occasion, I guess.


This year, I was invited to try the letterbox service by Bakerdays. And guess what? April is the month of my birthday, so here we go again, and a special birthday cake was delivered through my letterbox. What? Yes, you heard. Cakes posted on letterboxes!

Bakerdays was founded in Nottinghamshire by Andrea Guzyova and Alan Hawkes, both sharing the passion for creating a designed cake for every kind of special occasion you imagine.


How does it work?

The letterbox gift cake is a quite straight-forward service. In the website, we find several types and sizes of cakes. But you can also personalise one with your own design and even upload the photo of your choice. I have picked a Birthday cake with my favourite Star Wars character on it – the Space Princess cake.


I love the idea of using the sense of humour when designing a cake. Cakes must be fun, and I think Bakerdays has got the spirit of how to make your party stands!

I was also happy to have the option of picking a dairy free sponge. I just wanted something simple to reminds a special date. But you can go over the board with our creativity. Besides, together with your cake, it is also possible to pack some extra gear such as (personalised) balloons and candles.


Delivery: It was in my letterbox in less than three days. It’s a very fast service that could be an option for those who doesn`t have too much time in hands to prepare the celebrating occasion.

Packaging:  As soon as I saw the cake coming through my letterbox straight to the floor, I had the feeling that it would be all broken inside. To my surprise, it was intact. The packaging includes a tin box where the cake is placed that is resistant enough to keep the cake in perfect condition.

Plus, there is extra information inside the box about how to handle the cake when you open it and it has also a description of all ingredients used in the preparation of this product. Something very important if you have some kind o allergy.


So, what is all the hype about it?

The cake was delicious. The fact of being a dairy free cake didn`t interfere with the taste of it. All flavours were there, and the sponge was very moist.

It’s a tiny little cake but still perfect for four people. In my case, just my husband and I had the pleasure of trying it.

The design of the cake was well done and I didn`t see any crack of imperfection. It was like I picked my cake from the bakery next door. But it was, in fact, a cake delivered by post. How cool is that?

Here’s Something cooler than that: Use the discount code – MIDLANDSTRADE15  now to get 15% off when purchasing your cake visiting www.bakerdays.com

*I received this product complimentary from Bakerdays for testing purposes.

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