Top ways to commute without stress

Oh, my life, if there is something that really irritates me is being stuck in the traffic for long hours. Fortunately, it is not my reality anymore since I have started working from home. Hallelujah!

But one of the things that I mastered during my nearly six years commuting to Birmingham city centre is that the chances of getting stuck in the traffic are higher than you can think.

But I have learnt to stress only about things that I can control.

Unfortunately, traffic congestion is not something I can control. So, let’s deal with this in a clever way. Shall we?

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Put your headphones on

If you don’t drive, headphones are essential tools when commuting. I can’t imagine a better way of spending my time when stuck in traffic than listening to music, catching up with podcasts or even learning a language. It’s also an excellent tool to keep the noise and the stress outside.

Audio books & Music

If you drive, audio-books can be a great way of entertainment and never complain about lack of time to catch up with your reading again. They are practical, cheap and relaxing. Or if you’re a music aficionado, it’s time to listen to your favourite albums or the new releases.

Even the local radio station will do the trick sometimes. The important task here is taking your mind out of the stress without losing the focus on the traffic, of course.

Find shortcuts

Let’s face the truth, there are roadworks everywhere, especially in big cities like Birmingham.

And it does not matter how fast the vehicles flow or well signalised the roads are with the help of an efficient traffic control equipment, the best way to avoid getting stuck on traffic is always trying to find an alternative route. Study your itinerary and use all shortcuts to not be surprised.

Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to get to your destination on time. Check the road situation on google maps. Or aim to arrive earlier if it is possible to avoid the traffic jam.



Keep your cool

There are several ways of facing traffic congestion, but nothing can be more effective than keeping a positive vibe all the way through it. Controlling your stress levels is still the most effective step of making your commuting bearable.


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