Choosing the right time and attendance system

It does not matter the size or sector of your business, you should be looking for a definitive solution to maintain a consistent timekeeping system. It’s extremely important to keep those data up to date.  But how do we keep track of our employee’s records in an effective way avoiding time-consuming?

Time and attendance is the method used to put together information about the time the employees spend at work.


It used to be common to track those records manually, but with the latest technologies available, businesses are automatizing this process, using time and attendance systems.

Time and attendance systems must be efficient and reliable tools that will help to improve profit and productivity to the company. They make the whole process easier saving time and money too. They can be in several formats and modern ones can offer face recognition, for example.


Besides, it minimises the risks of mistakes that are usually spotted on manual timesheets. Can you imagine how difficult must be calculating those data manually? An automatized system can monitor attendance hours precisely, also collecting other data such as sick leave, breaks and any kind of absence occasions.


Ceequel® is a reliable time and attendance software that provides effective solutions when tracking employees’ records. It’s a versatile program that offers reporting, calculations, holidays/absence management and numerous other tools to maintain a consistent timekeeping of all employees.

It’s important to say that this module uses the power of Microsoft SQL database, meaning that it can be easily integrated into existing systems according to client’s needs.


One effective human resource management tool that delivers the right server solution expected by any kind of business.

After all, laborious tasks need to be minimised to assure productivity can be improved and efficiency can be delivered in any kind of workplace.

Simone Ribeiro
I'm a Brazilian journalist based in West Midlands. In Brazil, I have worked with International Trade and Logistics publications.

Now in the UK, I keep writing and I dedicate myself to a new project : Midlands Trade - a blog focused on business in Europe and Brazil. It's also supporting small businesses throughout the #MeetTheBusiness.

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