My Adagio Tea Indulgence

Ok. I confess. I’m a tea snob. And Of course, I like it in its essence. No milk. Please, don’t spoil this millenary beverage.

The history of tea brings us straight to China when it was still used for medicinal purposes, in the beginning, becoming popular among its population quite quickly. Then, it was brought to Europe in the 16th century to become the fashionable drink of the time. Tea is timeless. It’s the drink of choice for many around the world.

It’s very traditional in Britain. But we use milk here. Well, not me, like I said before. Milk does not belong to my tea unless it is about Chai. But that is just me.


Anyways. Adagio Tea approached me some time ago to provide me with some samples of their tea to be reviewed. I got to choose a few flavours, which was a difficult task considering they have a huge range of good teas on the website.

But I have been chasing some matcha for a while, and tea samplers of jasmine teas, oolong teas and red rooibos were other ones on my list.


What I wasn’t expecting was the whole tea indulgence received in a box. They sent me a fine range of teas (as you can see in the video above) and some bits and bobs that made your tea experience more special.

Adagio Teas is an online business based in Chicago that works with several flavours of loose tea and teaware as well.

My box of goodies also included a glass teapot, a glass mug infuser, tea loose bags and a Matcha kit including a bowl and a Matcha whisk. I guess it was part of the process of making your tea indulgence unforgettable. They got me!


How was the whole experience?

I am not going to lie, I have tea to try for the next 12 months (or more). So, I didn`t have time yet to go for all the flavours. There is a huge variety of them!


I didn’t even know what tea to try first. But as I was curious about the flavoured matcha, I went for the chocolate one.

Using a traditional match kit for the first time was a great experience. It made the task much easier and the tea was delicious. You can feel the hint of chocolate but nothing overpowering. It’s still the traditional Japanese match in the end. Smooth and fresh.

Another one that I wanted to try was the Rooibos Peach – a fragrant, juicy and fruit-floral tea that was perfect for a warm night of spring.


I used my glass mug infuser to prepare this one and I can tell you, I am totally in love with the idea of making tea straight to my mug. It was delicious, and I guess it is on the list of my new favourite flavours.


Then I got straight to the Oolong teas of China, and Formosa Bai Hao was my choice. It’s another peach-pit fragrance one. But I thought it was less strong than the previous one. This time I have used the glass teapot and I confess I am still struggling to use it. I do need to understand how it works properly to have a proper tea experience.


Finally, Jasmine teas. Jasmine Phoenix Pearls seemed to be the right choice to start my journey here. The texture of this tea is something fascinating. They look like pearls that open while the brewing process. It made the difference when preparing it. There is something rather special about making a couple of quality loose tea and Adagio has mastered it quite well.

Is it worth it?  

I recommend browsing Adagio Teas’ website to check their range of products. There is tea for all kind of tastes. I think it’s great as a source to find nice presents to family and friends that are into tea as well. The delivery is quite straightforward, and the packaging is beautiful. I love the minimalist design. It’s classy and elegant.

*I received this product complimentary from Adagio Teas for testing purposes.

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