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There was a time in my life I was addicted to subscription boxes. I started signing for the beauty, the superfood, and I was seriously thinking about purchasing the pet ones.

Receiving products on your letterbox is a brilliant way of discovering different brands. Besides, it’s a practical and economical service as well.

Last month, I got a different kind of box at my doorstep: Awebox. It’s a fully customised subscription box stuffed with plenty of different products.

Their idea is picking your favourite products from a category of 20 different choices such as chocolate, sweet treats, gin, vodka, beer, candles, stationery, beauty, dog treats, among others. Then build your box that will be delivered at your house monthly.

I particularly thought it really useful when I want to try different products and brands, but I don’t want to spend too much money in several different boxes.

This is definitely a great way of finding out small businesses and big brands.  We are spoilt for choice here! The boxes price varies from £20 to £28. It’s not expensive if you think there are from 4 to 6 different products on it.

Where else could I find a bottle of gin and a shampoo for my beloved pet cat Dougal all together in the same box? Brilliant!

I have picked from healthy snacks to candles and my box was fulfilled of great products. They are all not average products, which makes it a very selective box that made me quite happy because they really understand what kind of products and brands I would normally go for. Here’s the list of what I got in my Awebox:


Kushboo Soap – lavender & Lemon

I love soaps! Homemade natural ones like this one especially. Kushboo is a UK brand that produces skincare inspired by Nature’s garden.

My soap is made with lavender and lemon essential oil, the soap contains no artificial colouring, perfume or additives. With lashes of moisturising coconut oil, olive oil, and a handful of lavender seeds, this bar will gently nourish and exfoliate your skin.

Gorgeous smell and amazing brand that also supplies soap for the women’s refuge Emmeline’s Pantry – run by women, for women. You can`t go wrong with a business like this. 


Wildwash – Purrfect Cat Shampoo

I confess I never attempted to use any cosmetic products at Dougal but I feel quite brave to give it a go with this natural shampoo. Wildwash does no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, petrochemicals, or pEG’s. Their products are not tested on animals and as important, none of the raw ingredients used to make our products has been tested on animals either. Enough said!#


Dalton’s – Fizzy Elderflower

I was really happy to see a can of elderflower here. I am just addicted to this fine British beverage. Dalton’s is another UK brand that has a variety of sodas that uses natural ingredients, giving another meaning to the soft drink market in the world.

They are concern about the environment and their products are a reflexion of their belief. Ethical products have always a place in my heart. So, thanks for doing a great job here.


Rhubard & Raspberry tea candles – Bee Fayre

I have been looking for different types of candles everywhere I go. They are addictive. They are essential in my life since I have moved to the UK seven years ago. I am a candle maniac and I can’t lie about it.

I usually try to have no fragranced ones. But these Bee Fayre ones are totally worth it. To start with, Rhubarb is one of my favourite flavours on the planet. They got it right. The smell is overpowering, not very sweet and it is a good stuff. At least for me. Just a great tea candle to light and relax on a perfect summer night.

The brand itself is an inspiring business. The idea for Beefayre was born in the foothills of Transylvania, Romania when Sharon Jervis, artist and nature lover went to meet beekeepers and study their ancient tradition of beekeeping. Beefayre donates 3% profits to bee conservation and research. Lovely cause, successful business!

Like they emphasise:

 “Bees act as a barometer of the health of our planet. Protect them and we protect our future.”


Pulsin Protein bars – Mint Choc Chip and Vanilla Cho Chip

What to say about vegan protein bars? They are essential in any vegetarian bag. If you need a snack in a very busy day, it will certainly be better to go for the right one. I love cereal bars, but I have to avoid them since I have started a very strict regime.

However, those Pulsin ones have been a very good option of boosting snack during or after my usual walking routine. Choc mint is usually a good choice of flavour to anything you have chosen to eat anyway.

Pulsin has a perfect range of vegan and certified organic products with gluten free, dairy, soy, refined sugars and non-GM, making them an ideal alternative to you sugar-cravings.

Handful – Choc Orange Chase and Sea Salt Caramellow  

More nutritious snacks with a bit of twist here. I am a big fan of sea salt caramel stuff. And I just heard that those two bars on my box are brand new flavours. I just love everything about it. The packaging is clean and modern.

The flavours are there, keeping a healthy snack tasteful like you usually want it. Handful snack bars can be found in Sainsbury’s and Holland Barret already. It’s doing a great job and I praise them.


EG Edinburg Gin – Seaside

It’s gin o’clock, baby! Yes, right. Now you are talking. Receiving gin in a subscription box is something that makes me happy. I am a gin spotter which means (whatever you want it to mean, to be honest). I heard about EG before. But I have never had the pleasure to try it. Oh well. Now I can make it in great style.

Seaside is clearly inspired in the coastal beaches. In this case, the ones near Edinburg. It’s a London Dry gin with sweet notes of Orange peel, lemongrass and lime peel contribute lively citrus. It’s a gin that will bring the flavours of marine plants to your palate. It’s fresh and perfect to be used with classic cocktails such as Martinis, Negronis, and Gimlets.

So, it is worth it?

Totally! Just check the quality of brands and the prices of the products here. Awebox is not joking. It’s a serious business that offers quality stuff. I am in love with the concept and the idea of offering organic, natural, eco-friendly and quirky brands. Yes, go for it now!

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