What I ate Wednesday | Veggie tapas at El Borracho de Oro – Birmingham

My What I ate Wednesday is a bit different of the usual ones. I usually talk about the challenging and pleasant way of finding vegetarian meals wherever you go.

It is usually related to restaurants I have been to in no particular order or specific time. It’s only a bookmark of nice food around. :O)

I have been to so many great places this year, but I am still trying to catch up with all writing about it all. So, please bear with me!


Fortunately, they are enough outstanding businesses out & about serving really tasty veggie meals to share the experience with you.

El Borracho de Oro is one of those places. I always saw good reviews about this Spanish restaurant located in Edgbaston. To be honest, I thought it would be difficult to find a menu catered to vegetarians in an authentic Spanish tapas restaurant.


To my surprise, a nice range of veggie tapas were all there waiting for me. Gracias! De La Tierra – From the Ground is where I stand for!

My first visit to El Borracho de Oro was to meet my Brazilian friends Melissa and Juliana early this year.


I have vague memories of the exact name of the tapas dishes, but I remember the portions were reasonable and delicious. As they are not vegetarian, I have not tried their meals, but I heard good comments on it anyway. So meat-eaters, El Borracho de Oro is for you too!

As in Spain we usually start the meal with a good choice of bread, we have asked for some olives and a Coca del Mossen con Tomate – Catalan Coca BreadTopped with Grated Tomato.


It’s a simple and a delicious starter that also gives you time to think better about what to ask as main. Olives are also a good appetiser if you are about to start drinking too. So, why not?

My vegetarian journey at the Spanish cuisine started when my Croquetas de Boletus y Trufa – Truffle and Wild Mushroom Croquettes has arrived. Mushrooms have special place in my diet. But I confess you need to be very creative to make it tasty and interesting.


I love those wild croquettes. It’s well seasoned and in perfect size portions. I also had nice two pieces of a kind of pie that I imagine it was mushroom and cheese (maybe leek?) based too. I have tried to find the name of it in the menu, but I couldn`t find it. Sorry! 🙁


My second tapas was also delicious. Judiones con Verduras – Butterbeans with Garlic, Onion & Red Pepper. Some people would find beans a very boring food. I quite like to use them on daily basis. And I was glad that I could find delicious butterbeans at El Borracho de Oro. It’s cosy and perfect casserole for cold nights of winter.


For dessert, we shared a Helado con Pedro Ximenez – Salted Caramel Ice-cream with Sweet Sherry. It was one of the most delicious puddings I have tried. Well spotted and recommended by my friend Melissa that had tried it before. The idea is pouring the sherry on the ice cream and enjoy it as there was no tomorrow!

#Wow! That’s gorgeous. But remember it is only permitted for those aged 18 and over because it’s alcoholic content. The salted caramel cream ice cream was a good complement to the sweetness of the sherry. I guess there was a winner here! Estupendo!


Overall, I enjoyed my veggie tapas at El Borracho de Oro. Portions are reasonable and the flavours are all present there. The service is friendly and quick. There is a great selection of wine waiting for you there. I couldn’t ask for better tapas experience in Birmingham.


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