How to act smart when handling your interior design?

Is cutting the cost on your interior a challenge you want to tackle?
Do you want to improve the curb appeal, décor and eventually boost the value of your home?

Today we have prepared a dash of simple, yet great tips to help you save money or cut the cost while redecorating your home or undertaking a simpler interior project. Avoid pricey decisions or boost the property value.

Saving on the interior is not like saving on travelling but it still means you can save for a windy day or reward your creativity and sense of accomplishments. You don’t need to break the bank to get something beautiful out of your efforts.

When it comes down to planning any project, setting a clear goal for your budget is crucial.


Build your spending plan on realistic goals and actual needs.

A well-built budget is a sure guarantee for success.

“Brainstorm a list of what you want to achieve leave weaving out bad ideas for later. Start from tasks that will cost you the most, such as floor covering, lighting and furnishing and work your way down the value staircase.

The main goal should be identifying areas that cost the most and narrow your way down.” Tom Davies, a property expert at Accelerate Homes.

Splurge on pendant lamps.

If you want to boost the value of your home, changing the way you implement lighting is a great opportunity to save. The range of styles and trends can vary for miles but what you should always stick to is functionality and simplicity.

If you want to embellish the looks and add a dash of your personal taste, then consider a minimalistic chandelier. Luster costs less than it looks.

An eye-catching light fixture will always draw attention first and thus help you elevate the looks of any room. No wonder lighting is considered as one of the main focal points that all interior designers emphasise on.

A few ideas to consider:

  • Multi-fixture units – Units with multiple bulbs will help you reduce the contrast of shadows and bring in a soft and balanced atmosphere;
  • Clear-seeded or matte glass – Dims light a bit, adding a cosy and warm touch to it;
  • Vintage-style fixtures – Looks over cost dominate at the end of the day;
  • Geodesic, glass-free chandeliers – Unorthodox, original, and great on pricing.
  • Umbrella-shaped lamps – Bringing in contrajure of above and below;
  • Copper and brass – Beautiful textures while pricing is fab!

Attention: If you’re using a contractor, you should always give clear and precise instructions on your goals and demands.

Conclusion: Lighting fixtures are a well-spent splurge. The tradesman should always a sharp idea on your budget.

Multi-purpose furnishing is the best way to bring in value on usage and commodity.

With the steady rise in popularity of flat-packed units and fan-driven websites Ikea hacking, the world of multifunctional furnishing is blooming.

“New brands and concept are constantly popping in and out of existence, offering a wide range of implementation and functionality.

Ranging from retractable beds to fully-folding kitchens, multi-purpose furnishing comes in all shapes and sizes, not to mention the added value it brings in both market cap and commodity.” says Dmitri Kara.

A shiny faucet can make the entire room shine.

An eye-catching detail can change the looks of both your bathroom and kitchen. That’s why researching the best kitchen faucet can make the balance in achieving the perfect looks at the best price.

Add a metal edged mirror, extravagant lamps or lighting fixtures and make sure to wrap up your looks in a delicate and classy manner while investing too much is far from mandatory. Second-hand furniture is all over the web and all you have to do is keep a sharp eye on what people offer.

When it comes to planning your budget, it makes sense to spend most on areas that you interact with, the most.


Be patient and persistent. Build your own list of options and get the price that works best.

Finding the best deal on furnishing does not happen in a day. Although the web is full of websites, forums, chats and groups, but decorating on a budget comes with planning over a period of at least a few weeks, and at best – gradually over time.

Start by doing simple research on what’s available in your area and make sure to take notes.

Look out for upcoming or ongoing sales, deals on furnishing from people moving out, and in need to get rid of furniture fast. That’s one of the best options to find something both amazing and budget-friendly.

The next clever trick is to search for promo and discount codes that you won’t find mentioned at the seller’s website. You’ll be surprised how many websites that gather and list promo codes from retailers from all around the world.

How about garage sales?

Although overtaken by the Internet, those still happen. The best way to get the right info at the right moment is to bring your friends to the awareness that you’re out on a hunt.

A helpful tip: “Pairs” don’t always have to be the same.

More often than not, people get mislead by “needing” two of something: either a sofa, a chair, tables and etc., when the match itself is not always a must. Not everything has to match. Balance is what matters the most!

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