What I ate Wednesday – Veggie Roast at Wolseley Arms, Staffordshire

3Everybody knows that Sunday roasts are quite popular meals in the UK. I have also learnt quite quickly that most of those traditional roast dinners are served with some meat, roasted potatoes, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding vegetables and gravy. A lot of gravy.

The pubs and restaurants are packed with families that simply love to spend time together on the table eating their favourite Sunday British meal.

But what happens when you don’t eat meat?  Oh well, rules are here to be broken. Fortunately, more and more restaurants and pubs across the country are keeping their business busy with vegetarians that also appreciate a roast. Yes, the Sunday Veggie Roast is on the menu of quite a lot food establishment. Thanks for that!


One of those pubs is The Wolseley Arms, in Staffordshire. I have heard great things about this pub before, and their food has an impressive ratting online as well. So, we decided to celebrate a family’s birthday there!

But it wasn’t just a simple birthday It was my aunties’ 80th birthday and to maintain the tradition (ish) we went for a nice Sunday roast then.

One first thing to learn about this pub, you need a table booked if you fancy visiting it on the weekend. The roasts at The Wolseley are popular meals and the place was buzzing in the early afternoon. Our table was set next to the door, but in a cosy corner of the room. Drinks served, we were ready to go to the courses.


The menu is well varied and there is a large list of roasts to go for. I also knew what I wanted before sitting down for my meal, the best vegetarian option in the house. There are not too many options of mains for vegetarians, I am afraid. But you can make up with some good side options, if you really want to eat at this pub.

I wanted to try the Roasted vegetable Tart with kale and thyme pastry filled with butternut squash, plum tomatoes, red onion, spinach and red peppers, with a leek sauce.


It sounded promising and sounded like a paradise in a carte du jour that has plenty of pork, beef and lamb roasts.

I can say I had the right decision here. I am not a big fan of pastry, and this was not the best I have tried, but the filling was delicious, and I risk saying it would go very well without being a pie anyway. Lovely filling and I have to say it is a veggie roast with the most.


The roasted vegetables were succulent, and the gravy was thick. It is a compliment. I do love thick gravy.

Hubby chosen the Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank seasoned with rosemary, while the birthday girl went for the Hunter’s Chicken – chargrilled chicken breast, topped with smoked Cheddar and a 4oz gammon steak served with triple-cooked chips and barbecue sauce. They both scrapped their places. So, I guess it was a good sign.


We had pudding to finish the birthday festivities with style. I went for the classic Vanilla Crème Brûlée which was quite good too.


Overall, I would say the way they make popular Sunday dishes sophisticated here is a good feature to remember when visiting this place.

It’s a menu to eat with your eyes first and I guess the chef knows how to keep this place full. I liked my veggie meal and it’s a proof that a well -prepared vegetarian meal can have a bit of sparkle in the middle of the traditional meat dishes.



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