Meetchu – When Expectation and Reality walk side by side

The dating game seems to be changed quite a lot in the last decades. We went from chit-chat in the square to fixing dates with people your friends think can be perfect for you to dating apps in a blink of the eyes. By the way, I don’t think blinking eyes is that effective anymore when chatting with someone. I’m afraid.

The truth is that meeting interesting people with something more in common with you can be something hard in the 21st century. Why? There is a huge list of reasons to give you. How much time do you have?

We can always count on websites like Naturally Dating to meet other interesting singles too.

Lack of patience or time, shyness, or pure laziness sometimes. You name it. All I know is that more and more people think that sometimes it’s easier to find the potential other half online before reaching out looking for a good match. It saves time and disappointment, let’s be honest. And who would say the Internet would bring people closer?


Thinking about this, I have decided to check Meetchu to check how effective and accurate a virtual cupid could be. This dating app that integrates voice and video calling in a secure (and clever) way that you don`t need to exchange the telephone numbers. It’s an easy path to get to know the date before meeting in person.

In my opinion, the app works differently and effectively because you don`t need to worry too much about being “fixed” with the wrong kind of potential partners. If there is no chemistry, there is no first date and the hustles & bustles that comes with it. Simple like this.


It’s also great to avoid “fake profiles”. We are all familiar to that person that tends to exaggerate a little bit in his/her “about me” or even use another people’s picture when using a dating app. It’s fairly easy to check the real you are using Meetchu because video calls don`t lie. Expectation and reality walk side by side here.

It seems harsh but to be honest, that is what you expect from a good matching. The real you!

The app is free but if you decide to upgrade it to the premium version, there will be some bonus available such as unlimited video and voice calling time, extra emojis to use and the possibility of changing your search location, for example.


How does it work?

It’s easy to download and there is a good featuring about it which is log in with Facebook. So, there is no need to elaborate on difficult passwords to join it. Next step is uploading photos and recording a short video to introduce yourself to men or women you may want to meet.

Then, give some information about the perfect match for you like age range, distance from each other, and usual information about yourself. When your matches are sorted, you just need to tap the heart tab to check the interesting people you may want to contact via a voice call and later, on a video call.

It’s discreet, so you can also delete unwanted messages, photos and videos sent for previous people you had a chat with. I know dating online can seem a bit scary and even sounds a bit like a Black Mirror experience sometimes.


But this is life and you will never know if you don’t try. The great thing about apps like Meetchu is that it is also focused on having a good experience online.

We know security is more important than anything when using the Internet to meet people nowadays. We all know that friend that had a very bad experience using popular dating apps and sometimes, the damage can’t be repaired.

I am out of the dating game for nearly 13 years now, but I also met my husband online. We didn’t use a dating app that time, and I think I was lucky enough to meet the right one anyway without looking for it.

But, I would recommend this app to my all my single friends out there because it is effective if you are looking for the real thing. Not just a fling. After all, life is too short to waste time with the wrong ones when you can skip the queue and meet the potential Mr. or Ms. right before living your doorstep.

If you want to test it too, here’s my discount code:

Meetchu is made exclusive for IOS users and it can be download here. It’s compatible with iPad and iPod touch too.

Have you ever tried Meetchu? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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