5 reasons to make Seychelles your holiday destination this Summer

The Seychelles is holiday spot for any person’s dream list. With an increase of 120% of travellers from Brazil in the last year, the archipelago is becoming popular among tourists from all over the world looking for a perfect spot in the sun or even a short break last deal.

Here’s a list of reasons to visit Seychelles for the next holiday:

1) They love tourists – especially Brazilians

The Seychelles is are great hosts, especially when they discover that the traveller is from Brazil, for example. In World Cup seasons, flags and T-shirts of Brazil are often seen in the streets of the archipelago and there is a crowd of weight vibrating by the green and yellow selection.

On several occasions, even the samba schools of Brazil have already performed in Seychelles, which has made the connection between the two countries even stronger. That’s why Brazilians feel so welcomed in a visit to the destination, which makes all the difference in a trip.


2) The beaches, no doubt

It’s not just paradisiacal beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters that take the breath away from the visitors.

The beaches of Seychelles are very well preserved, as are all the natural wealth of the country. Even the most popular, Beau Vallon (on the island of Mahé), is very empty compared to Brazilian standards.

The feeling is to have a private beach wherever you go. The landscapes are impressive and the color of the sea is now a bright green light, a crystal blue. The Anse Source of Argent, on the island of La Digue, is one of the most famous because of its giant rocks.


3) Two UNESCO patrimony spots

Seychelles is the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Vallée de Mai and the atoll of Aldabra.

While Aldabra is one of the most untouched sites on the planet-with many scientists and researchers, but almost no tourist activity-the Vallée de Mai is one of the main points of the archipelago and easily accessed. In the heart of the island of Praslin, second largest, the park has the largest intact forest of Coconuts de mer-one of the symbols of the country-of the archipelago.

There are several trails to walk through the park, ranging from 1.5 km to 4 km. The entries can be purchased at the site and the money is reverted not only in the preservation of the Vallée de Mai but is also invested in Aldabra.

4) Visiting several islands on the same trip

It’s 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Although the tourist activity is concentrated in three main-Mahé, Praslin and La Digue-there are dozens of others to visit during the trip.

It is possible to make boat trips a day to get to know nearby islands or even stay in the exclusive islands with only one hotel or resort, which provide a personalized experience. The Seychelles islands are different from each other and it is worth knowing several in the same script.


5) Travel to another world

Whether by nature preserved, endemic species, paradisiacal beaches, authentic culture, landscapes that are not found anywhere else, unique experiences of ecotourism and wellness, huge marine biodiversity, aquatic sports, structure Excellent tourist, high-level hotels and resorts, diversified gastronomy and full of spices, activities for couples, groups of friends and families, Seychelles is destination that will provides unforgettable memories to your summer holiday or short break abroad.

For more information about Seychelles, visit http://www.visiteseychelles.com and the World Bureau website.

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