Flat at Grade II listed building by the river Mersey| Liverpool

Liverpool can be a challenging city to choose accommodation when you are a grown-up. Meaning= you’re not old enough to avoid the buzz of a busy tourist city like this, but neither young enough to enjoy its 24/7 noisy city center.

It has to be something in the middle. It has to be something like this Grade II Listed building by the Mersey river, for example.


I guess we found a perfect match here when we headed to the north with my parents this summer. The idea was to stay some nights in Liverpool, but we needed a spacious flat within walking distance of the major attractions.

This gorgeous two-bedroom flat placed in a listed building at the Princes Dock gave me all the good vibes I could expect from a nice accommodation.

The building itself is full of charm and history. The Waterloo Warehouse is a Graded II listed construction that became a residential building with a bit of a twist. It’s stunning. Its original features with porthole windows and brick interior make this place a dream accommodation for everyone visiting the city.


Besides, it provides stunning views from the Liverpool waterside and the river Mersey itself. Wow. It’s a breath-taking construction indeed.

This time, we needed a place to accommodate four people comfortably, and boom, this flat was available. To my surprise, it was more spacious than it looked in the photos from its profile on Airbnb.


Seriously, the place is huge. From its entrance, we could already see the first bedroom. It was our room for the staying.


Taking the stairs down, on the left, there was the second room, a master bedroom with a bathroom (and bathtub). This was the room picked for my parents to avoid them taking stairs during the night.


This room was a truly beauty. The original features of the building are exposed in the ceiling and brick walls. What made us think about how history is that building and how fascinating are the docks in Liverpool.


I salute whoever had this brilliant idea of gentrification of docks in this city. My friend, I salute you. I wish I could live in a place like this.  


A long corridor takes you to where is placed the second bathroom, this one has a shower, more practical. As my mom is not very keen on bathtubs, it is nice to see we have both options in the apartment.


Also on the left, a bit further it’s the kitchen. A full-equipped one with a freezer, fridge, and even a dishwasher. I think this flat is a great option for people looking for short or long breaks. It has everything a big family needs to spend more than just a weekend in this city.


From the kitchen, we can also see the living room which is divided into a dining room too. The division of spaces makes the ambient look bigger.


The décor in the whole flat is elegant and cosy. It could go with a few changes here and there. Some people pointed out before the furniture is a bit out of date. I understand this. But though it doesn’t change the fact this is a gem and for the price we have paid for three nights, it is a huge bargain.


The location couldn’t be a better one. The views from the Mersey river paid for every penny spent renting this property. We had an excellent staying there. It’s a calm area, still in development.

You may find it a bit distant from shops and supermarkets, for example, but it means only 10- a minute walk. A nice walk by the waterside, anyway.


There is a gorgeous Greek restaurant at its doorstep and I wish I could have time to book a table at it. I would go back to this property in a blink of an eye. If you like history and you love Liverpool is a place to give you great vibes.



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