What I Ate Wednesday – Veggie bites and cakes at Mckenzie’s & The Olde Nook| Lichfield

Like mentioned before here, Lichfield isn’t just popular because of its impressive cathedral.

This ancient town situated only 16 kilometres north of Birmingham is also home to famous writers and philosophers. It also has shops, bars and restaurants that attract all types of visitors annually; specially on the weekends.


It turns to be also located only 15 minutes train journey from where I live in Sutton Coldfield. So, now and then I pick this picturesque town for a day out trip.

When my parents visit the UK, we always find a reason to visit Lichfield. If the where helps, it’s great to have a look around the market, shops and the cathedral, of course. But when we talk about food, there is a place that is becoming the favourite in our family: Mckenzie’s. I also love visiting The Olde Nook for some cake in the end of the day.


The restaurant is placed in an old Corn Exchange building. It’s impressive from outside and warm inside. You can book tables in different ambient, but I always like going upstairs for lunch or just for a coffee and sandwich. I have visited this restaurant twice this year.

McKenzie’s is a popular choice when we talk about afternoon tea and fine dining too.

The balcony seats and the view of the whole wooden décor gives the sophistication that a restaurant deserves. The staff at McKenzie’s is friendly, as usual.  They will make you feel comfortable even when I found out that I didn’t have booked a table in the place.


The menu is quite succinct. I like the way it’s quite straight forward and you quickly find starter, menu and desert that will be an outstanding option. Vegetarian options are so nice.

I wish I could visit in the evening to try something from the “From the Land” menu. As we didn’t have too much time to spend, I went for their veggie burger.


It’s is served on a toasted brioche bun, with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and McKenzie’s twice-cooked chips and a homemade McKenzie’s sauce of your choice. I also asked two glasses of prosecco. One as a starter, and another as desert. Fair enough.

My meal was delicious. I am not a big fan of red onions and I always forget to ask not to add it. But apart this, I could go for more burgers like this. The McKenzie’s chips were also delicious. A simple and succulent burger. Less is more, and this is a fine example of it.


That desert that I never had in McKenzie’s was waiting for me at The Olde Nook. Placed in a gorgeous crooked little Georgian house, The Olde Nook is one of those places you need to step inside to go back in time and imagine how were life in small taverns like this. It’s a beautiful gem of Lichfield.

You should visit it for lunch or just for a bad boy like this gorgeous chocolate cake in the picture above. Enough said.


My second time visiting the restaurant this year was with my parents this summer. We just wanted to have some coffee and again and enjoy the cosy seats upstairs again. A nice latte and a brie and cranberry sandwich was my option for the day.


I think brie and cranberry is one my favourites combinations of flavours on earth and I am a little suspicious to talk about it. But the truth is that the combination of this fresh tomato salad and the sweetness of the filling makes it a nice light meal.


I hope they can keep it in their menu forever. My father never resists a nice piece of cake. So, he went for the coffee one. We eat well in this little town, so don’t think twice making it as a day out with family and friends.


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