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I don’t remember spending times soaking on long baths when I used to live in Brazil. We don`t do many baths and I guess it not a common or popular thing in warmer countries. However, baths started to make more sense to me since I have moved to the UK. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in hot tube after a stressful cold day.

For my surprise, it can be a great alternative to deal with the harsh summer days too.

Most of the bath salts available in the market promise to do a miraculous recovering in your body. I have tried many brands and different types before but never got it so seriously. It was more like an excuse to relaxing.

To point other benefits of bath salts in your body, we would need a day in a half to list all of them. There are numerous. From soften your body to get a better sleep after using it.

This time, I was invited to review one of the dead sea bath salts by Moksha Beauty, so, I took it as a challenge and tried to see all benefits of this kind of product.

Moksha is a London based brand founded by Deepika, an ex-9/5 corporate worker that wanted to “create something that reduces stress and revitalizes the body and soul to take up new challenges every day”.


Moksha products are make with pure ingredients and there are four types of bath salts available in their website: the stress relief, muscle relax, clarity of mind and soul detox. I got the Clarity Of Mind – lemongrass and ginger to try on.

According to its description, this product is blended with essential oils and natural aromatherapy ingredients with no chemicals, no paraben, no phthalate, no alcohol, no animal fats and 100% made in the UK. The brand also offers full refund in case you are not satisfied with the product. Blimey!


Did it work for me?

The first impressions were all good. A 100% natural ingredients bath salt that does not mess around with animals. I believe the beauty industry is more concerned about the benefits of their products to people and the planet. It’s always a positive mark!

As soon as I started running my bath, I have notice the essences of lemongrass and ginger took over not only the bathroom but the bedroom as well. It has a pleasant and fresh fragrance, not overpowering.


It comes in a 450 grams packaging. As I just needed a small quantity of salt to run a descent bath, I guess you ended up saving money with the product. And, the packaging has another positive mark. It is made of PET plastic, which is 100% recycled. No wasted plastic in this one.

It was definitely an interesting and different experience. As soon as I have stepped I could feel my skin absorbing the product quickly. The feeling was of the skin being not only moisturised but also rejuvenated.


I am sure there are plenty of dead and dry skin effects in your body during the summer too,  as a natural skin exfoliator, salt baths helps to cleanse the toxins, and boost its natural immunity.

In my opinion, the fragrance is the best feature in this product. I like the benefits of an effective bath, but the smell of essential oils in this product really got my heart. I was addicted to the combination lemongrass and ginger. And I will look for more Moksha products after this pleasant experience.

*I received this product complimentary from Moksha Beauty for testing purposes.

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