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I will be honest with you, I am not a big fan of sweets of any kind. But I like trying different flavours and quirky products. So, here we go again, trying some luxury products such as the wine gums made by Vinoos.

These luxurious products were sent to me by Beyond Living; which works with a range of exciting and outstanding brands that can be perfect as a gift or a treat to yourself. Vinoos is one of those examples; a Dutch brand that offers food designs inspired by wine. Lovely!



I received two samples of wine gums to review: Flavours of Riesling and Flavours of Rose, but you can also find four different types and sizes of boxes in the website.

What do I think of this product?

First things first, the wine gums come in an elegant and informative. I love the way the gum wines are presented and it’s always good to have information about the ingredients in the box.


There is a reasonable quantity of gums in the box that makes it a chic and discreet type of gift. Something I would like to receive as a sample in events, for example. Lovely.

Another great point is that those are 0% alcohol products. You can enjoy it without concerns. They are also suitable for vegan and vegetarians and free of gluten, fat, nut, gelatin and lactose with no artificial colours.


Flavours of Riesling – Riesling has notes of dried chamomile, green apple, honey, mint and rose water. I am not a big fan of white wine, but Riesling is an aromatic and perfumed type of wine that works perfectly in a gum concept. It’s extremely perfumed. So, the experience starts even before trying those gums. I found them particularly interesting. There is a slightly acid taste to this that makes it perfect when you are craving for some sweetness but not too overpowering ones.


Flavours of Rose Wine –   This is a mini version of box with only two gums. Almost like a sneak peek of them. They taste lovely with quite pleasant presence of fresh and crisp fruity wine. It’s like tasting the wine, but with no alcohol on it. If it makes sense.

Being a fan of pink and red wine, I have to admit this one was my favourite flavour. I think this is a perfect gift for friends having on their bag. Just in case you need a bit of a quality and classy rosé to clean your palate.


In overall, I really like the gum wine tasting. It’s lovely to know there are luxurious gift options like this in the market. I would recommend it to any friend, work colleagues and family members that appreciate an elegant and classic product.

It’s also healthy and sustainable, which makes the whole experience even better. I just heard Vinoos will also release gin and whisky flavours as well. It takes luxury treats to another level!

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*I received this product complimentary from Beyond Living for testing purposes.

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