What I ate Wednesday – Authentic Italian Meal at Carluccio’s Liverpool

I can see Liverpool as a global food mecca with gastronomy of many countries are well represented there. The city is ready to cater for all types pockets and tastes. And, of course, Liverpool has its Michelin starred ones too.


Let’s put like this, you won’t feel lost when typing “where to eat in Liverpool” on google. If would name at least seven restaurants and cafes that I would love to try when visiting this buzzing city.


What I like most about this multicultural Liverpool is that you can go from Brazilian steakhouses to Greek bistros all at the same street.

It’s a great city to sightseeing or city down by the dock and to enjoy some drinks. The atmosphere is great and tourists from all over the world passing by the city will definitely find more than Beatles and football.


I have been to Liverpool quite a lot and finding a good place to eat was never a difficult task, of course.

This time, however, I stuck with one that I have visited plenty of times before, Carluccio’s. Yes, I know it’s a chain restaurant. Yep. I also know there are plenty of them in Birmingham as well, and there is nothing new about it.


But this restaurant has become my parents favourite place to go for a meal here in the UK. And my mini-break in Liverpool was planned specially according to their needs and priorities.


To be honest, I quite like Carluccio’s food, anyways. Oops, spoiler. Sorry! I read lot of mixed reviews about this chain with over 100 restaurants across the country. Some people love it, some people don’t. Fair enough.

But I do recommend reading about its founder, the chef and restaurateur Antonio Carluccio – the godfather of Italian gastronomy, who died last year, before taking any other conclusion here.

I have been to this restaurant in Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Liverpool. Excellent experience in each one of them.


Now that you know what I think about the restaurant, let’s talk about food there.

Carluccio’s does authentic Italian one. Expect big portions and a lot of flavour. Expect quality olive oil, a nice carta of wine and gorgeous, I mean, damn gorgeous focaccia.

I have grown up in Sao Paulo, an also multicultural city that is famous for its Italian “mensas”. Italian food in Sao Paulo is taken seriously because of its immigrants have brought not just their hard work but passion for their cuisine to Brazil.


It’s portraited in many restaurants and pizzerias across the city. We love the Italian heritage in Brazil.

Carluccio’s does the same here in Britain. It’s a celebration of the Italian cuisine.I didn’t know that but they also have branches in Turkey and EAU.

The restaurants are pretty much following a standard décor. Posters of picturesque Italian sceneries. Big tables. It’s a cosy and spacious place that caters for big groups.

Photo by DrBob317 on Trend hype / CC BY-SA

They usually have an open kitchen, so you can check the orders being prepared and the smell and sounds coming from the kitchen just makes you hungry and curious about what chefs are preparing next.

We visited the Liverpool’s restaurant for a lunch. It wasn’t busy, and we had plenty of tables to choose from.

Photo by goforchris on Trend hype / CC BY-ND

The staff was friendly and welcoming. I don`t know if it was lucky. But I just had good experience with staffs at Carluccio’s. They all were really comprehensive with all food requirements I did to my parents and very knowledgeable about the food.

As usual, I don`t skip the “while you decide” options at the menu. So, we asked for a selection of Italian breads that comes in a tin and mixed olives. The portions feed four people easily. Another winner here is zucchini as a side.


The secret for making zucchini a nice starter is simply getting best quality olive oil to be seasoning it. Carluccio’s does it with perfection. Love it. Not to miss!

The Zucchini Ripiene is a winner. Yellow & green courgettes stuffed with olives, breadcrumbs, capers, tomato, spring onion, basil, baked ricotta. Pepolata sauce. Love it.

Carluccio’s has excellent vegetarian meals. The salads are delicious, and you won`t feel hungry if eating just the greens. The portions are enormous. Like a good Italian mama would prepare it. I have asked for the Ricotta and Zuchinne salad was also delicious.


Hubby went for Ravioli Spinaci & Ricottaspinach & ricotta parcels, sage & butter sauce. While my father has chosen Chicken Milanese – crispy flattened chicken breast, coated in rosemary and Grana Padano breadcrumbs, served with baby gem, mixed leaves and baby plum tomatoes in a mustard dressing.

My mom had her favourite, the Pollo Verdure – chicken breast, green beans, baby potatoes, baby spinach, red onion, frisee lettuce, rocket, chives, spring onion, dried tomatoes, garlic & herb breadcrumbs, balsamic dressing. 


As far as I know, the menu doesn’t change from city to city. I think it’s a positive thing for those who eat can’t eat too much different ingredients.

It’s a quality menu. No bog-standard food. And maybe this is the secret of success. You go be for more of the same.

Another thing that makes me happy about Carluccio’s is the affordable meals. It’s pretty affordable for what is served. Our bill came to under £100 ( for four people). We didn’t dessert, but drinks ( and a gorgeous extra piece of focaccia) were included.

Top tip: don’t leave the place without taking back home one (or two) slices of their focaccia. It’s normally sold in the deli inside the restaurants. In doubt, just ask the staff about it. You won’t regret it.


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