Riwbox WB5 Bluetooth Headphones| Lightweight, comfortable and stylish

That’s not my first Riwbow purchase, so, I knew what expect of this new pair of Bluetooth headphones and I could compare it with my previous model as well.  This time, I have in hands a Riwbox Bluetooth model WB5 – which is equipped with an EQ voice equaliser. That was something that can be helpful when listening to a different genre of music, of course. 


First things first, the WB5 is very stylish. I have chosen the black and gold model which it’s well designed and there is a kind of retro style that I absolutely love. It is also incredibly light. You wouldn’t say these headphones are light, would you? But they are light and made of a strong material.


My pet hate with foldable headphones is the fear of breaking it when folding so many times. I start to be a bit apprehensive when I know it can break anytime. Especially when you are travelling from places to place and carry it so much in your bag. But I can say, so far, so good with this headphone. It’s strong and durable.


The second feature to highlight is the comfortable ear pads. This model has over your ears pads. They fit properly to cancel surrounding noise, but it also fits perfectly in your ears. Not causing discomfort during long hours using it.

I have started using wireless headphones to exercise as well and I quite like the idea of moving during one-hour training without worrying about having headphones falling out all the time. Plus, I can listen to music as loud I want and not bother my neighbours during my training. Brilliant.


Talking about surrounded noise again. Yes, this Riwbox is also highly recommended when looking for some affordable headphone that totally cancels external noise.

This is ridiculously good at it. I have tested the old model during a flight and it was considerably effective, so I imagine the over the ears pad will do the job perfectly in a couple of weeks when I have another long flight coming.

I have also tested it on my PS4 and it is a good match for playing games as well, isolating the external noise and making the gaming experience more interesting too. It can be a good match if you are not in the mood for purchasing an expensive headphone to play games offline and online.

EQ equaliser: Even not having too much knowledge about music equalisation and the balance frequency of songs, I think the only way to get it right is listening to your favourite songs repeatedly.

 All I know is that I have tested my headphones with Led Zeppelin, as you all should do. It was all I needed to know I have a quality headphone in my hands.  


All the songs seem to be perfectly clear. Every instrument is flawless and if you want to test the bass, it’s there too. Anther good track to test it is The Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack.

One of my favourite tracks in life. If you don`t feel the bass on it, you don`t feel the music in here. The five different EQ sounds works well to me in this headphone. Just pick up the favourite songs to test your headphone.


This headphone is also equipped with an SD card slot which is useful when the battery is in the end and you need the music fixing anyway. It an extra welcomed feature.

To be honest, the battery on this headphone last forever. I just need charge from time to time using the jack cable or USB cable included on it. By the way, the jack cable in this model seems to be more resistant as well. Both can be used in PCs, smartphones, Tv and tablets.


I quite like the packaging. It protects the foldable headphones quite well, but I confess I would be happier if there was a hard cover case included on it. I know it would probably add to the price a little bit but I wouldn`t mind paying for this as it would add an extra positive check for how good this product is.


Overall, it’s an excellent purchase if you are looking for an affordable wireless headphone. It’s comfortable, lightweight and stylish. You won me again, Riwbox.

*I received this product complimentary from Riwbox for testing purposes.

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