What I Ate Wednesday | A wonderful “winging-it” supper with Higgidy

This is a different “What I Ate Wednesday” here. I didn’t go anywhere for a fancy meal and decided to have a Higgidy Occasion  this week in the comfort of my home sweet home. After all, great food also means improvising.


I am quite familiar to Higgidy products and their delicious veggie quiches. Yes, I’m a big fan already. But imagine my happiness when I was invited by them to try more of their delicious food. Yay! Life is good!


To be honest, it happened in perfect time too because after a long morning teaching and more 45 minutes of intensive training in the afternoon, all I needed was a go-to instant meal to go with a gorgeous salad. Simple like that.


I love comfy food, but it needs time and patience to get it right. And that’s when Higgidy comes handy! I don’t usually do supermarket ready meals and I am glad they understand that food can be tasteful without being made from scratch.

They prepare what is called “feel-good family food – big flavoured dishes”. So, it’s not about ready meals. It’s comfy and tasty food in a package, my friends.


So, here we were ready to try the combo Vintage Cheddar Rolls & Welsh Goat’s Cheese & Leek Frittata for a wonderful winging-it supper.

These two meals were my choice as a Higgidy occasion because I was curious about their frittatas and everyone likes rolls anyway. I have to highlight that these are pastry free meals. Another reason to get excited about it!


But before goes straight to the food, I’d like to note that I always  appreciate products with cardboard packaging. These ones have even plastic trays that are 100% recyclable. Like Higgidy, I hate waste. So, thanks for thinking about sustainability too!

Besides, the design in the box is quite charming. It’s arty and it’s the type of packaging that makes the product outstands in the supermarket shelves. Good thinking.


My idea was heating up both Higgidy meals at once to save time. Both, frittata and cheddar rolls can be eaten cold but I always like to warm up this kind of food, anyway.

As I have noticed with the quiches, the filling is always rich and full of flavours. It reminds me the good and old homemade food.

This gorgeous frittata has big chunks of goat cheese and the fragrance of fennel seeds put me in the mood to tuck it in. Best thing about it, i just needed 20 minutes to cook both of them.


Next step was preparing my salad. I had some leftover in the fridge. As you do. Then, I came up with a marvellous kale and rocket salad with edamame beans, lentils, tomatoes and cucumber. A mish-mash of veggies that was quite easy to prepare.


The last 10 minutes was about putting the Cheddar rolls in the oven and set the table. A whole meal in 20 minutes. Nothing can be more casual than this. The meal was just for my husband and I, but I could share it with more two people easily. The portions are reasonable big.

What about the taste?

Like I said before, I am familiar to Higgidy products and usually buy them but that was the first time I have tried their frittata and I quite enjoyed it.

I think Higgidy’s one is really similar to an authentic Italian recipe. It is creamy, fluffy, and rich in flavours.


So, here it’ is the verdict to this Welsh Goat’s Cheese & Leek Frittata. I guess a recipe with free-range eggs, fresh leek and potatoes, worked quite well with tangy goat cheese. The well-seasoned béchamel sauce is a secret for any casual homemade food.

The filling is amazing. I always thought that whoever had the idea of putting goat cheese and leek together is a genius. It’s a combination every vegetarian, like me, appreciate anyway.  The hint of fennel seeds is just a bonus. Love it.


What about the Vintage Veggie Rolls? I avoid pastries of any kind. I am not keen on them because their soggy base and caloric content. It’s what it is. As I am always looking for healthier alternatives, I usually pass by the pastries in the shelves of supermarkets without stopping.


I gave these veggie rolls a try and I quite liked them. The base is not soggy and the vintage cheddar cheese tastes delicious. Not overly-cheesy and the rolls are crunchy. As you expect it to be. They are still caloric, though. “So, enjoy it with moderation”. And it’s a note to myself, by the way.


Overall, I loved the whole experience. I always thought Higgidy is offering quality over quantity. That is the reason their products are usually tastier ( and more expensive) than the usual supermarket brand ones. You pay for what you get.


I highly recommend Higgidy when now and then you need a perfect go-to instant meal, but you don’t want to low your standards. This is quality and not complicated food in a packaging. Just go for it!

*I received this product complimentary from Higgidy for review purposes.

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