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We are nearly in the end of the summer season here, but that doesn’t mean the heatwaves are going to leave us so soon.

This has been the hottest summer in 40 years in the country and as much as we are all enjoying the high temperatures, our pets are the ones that we need to be concerned about.

The RSPCA has published valuable tips on keeping animals calm and cool during the hot season. In case of dogs and cats, it’s also important not changing their routine too much. Even if it seems like an impossible mission sometimes!

As you all must know, cats in special hate changes and it can make them stressed and vulnerable.

Photo by janwh on CC BY-SA .jpg
Photo by janwh on CC BY-SA

Always look for a shade

I know it’s always tempting to take your dog for a long walk when the temperatures are increasing. Just remember that what can seems pleasant for you, can be extremely exhausting for the animal.

To start with, the ground will be hotter than normal and it can burns the animal’s paws. Be careful and cautious. Always check if the pavement or asphalt is not too hot to expose your dog’s paws.

Another valuable tip is looking for the shade as much as possible. Take your pet for a stroll at the coolest time of the day, giving preference to parks with a lot of trees that will provide as much as shade to them.

In the case of indoor cats, like mine, always provide them a space that will be cooler than their favourite windowsill spots. Cats are experts in finding their own comfy spaces in the house, but they also like to explore the environment.

It’s better to pay attention to their routine to avoid them spend too much time in the hotter rooms in the house. If you need take the animals out in hot days, consider even investing in a pet carrier for small pets. It can be a practical way of taking the little ones for walk without burning their paws and putting them in danger.

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Photo by DaPuglet on /CC BY-SA

Water, glorious water

There is nothing more effective than fresh water when talking about being cool in the summer. It works for us, and it is also essential for animals. Don`t forget to keep your furry friend hydrated as much as possible during the day.

Some pets are too much excited about playing to remember drinking water. Always have a bottle of water with you where you take your pet. Keep an eye on them. If they are thirsty and fatigued, it is time to hydrate them.

Even consider buying a water fountain. It’s a great investment not only for your pet but also for your pocket. Pets love fresh water and sometimes you’re not available to change it several times during the day. You can also add some ice cubes to the water bowl or fountain and make it fresher.

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Photo by neko kabachi on – CC BY-ND

Keep the breeze coming

You probably heard of several tragic cases involving pets that were kept in ambient with no ventilation at all. Never take this risk! Especially in the summer.

And it doesn`t matter if you are popping to the shop next door or going abroad. Don`t leave your pet at home (or in a car either) with the windows totally closed.

I know that it’s a bit tricky to leave windows open when travelling for a long period. It can also be dangerous for indoor animals that may try to escape and hurt themselves.

However, there are some valuable tips that can help you to keep the animals in a cooler environment without taking extra risk.

You can ask a neighbour or someone from the family to visit your house during the day to check the pets. They can open the windows to keep the air circulating for a while. If don`t have anyone around when you are out, leave an extra fan turned on. Pets love to be spoiled and extra breeze in the summer is all they need sometimes.

But if you going to stay away for a longer period, the best choices are still taking your animal with you, or finding a pet’s nursery or sitter to keep your furry friends in good hands. After all, the wellbeing of your four-legged friend will keep your mind cool too.

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