Ponden Mill Bed & Breakfast | Haworth – Yorkshire

Last year we decided to explore the Bronte county visiting several landscapes related to the fascinating world of the Bronte sisters.

Haworth was obviously the main stop on this road trip. But before spending the night at Haworth, we also visited Emily’s Café in Bradford; the birthplace of the Bronte sisters.


To get in the mood of the weighing heights, we picked accommodation with character in the village of Keighley, located only a five-minute drive away from Haworth itself.

The Ponden Mill is a construction dating from 1792 that was a mill originally used for spinning cotton. It’s an impressive building with many histories related to haunting experiences too.


Its location attracts many tourists that looking for the Bronte trail, the Worth Valley Railway, or are just looking for a quick pit-stop before continuing the Pennine Way journey.

Ponden Mill was the first textile mills built in Stanbury and one of the first in the region. It was built by the Heaton family of Ponden Hall who had various business interests including about 40 worsted spinners working in their homes locally.

Worsted is a fine wool and differs from woollens wool by the length and arrangement of the fibres. Worsted might be used for making a suit as opposed to woollens that might be knitted into a jumper.


It’s worth it to check the history of this place on this bed and breakfast website. The location fits perfectly the atmosphere of the moor.

Next door to the Mill is the chapel mentioned in Wuthering Heights, Wuthering Heights itself (Top Withers) is on a nearby hill along with Heathcliff’s house (Ponden Hall).

There is a very scenic walk there past the Bronte Waterfall as well. It’s also a popular accommodation for camping.


The place is hosted by the couple Richard and Barbara Trainer. We just had the opportunity of meeting Richard, that was also in charge of the café at the Ponden Mill as well that week.

We got a quite large in-suite room with windows overlooking the Worth river. Its rustic décor with a comfy king-size bed, a large sofa, and a bathroom equipped with a large bathtub and all amenities a fine B&B guest house should provide.


I loved the room. It’s spacious and extremely quiet. The location is a popular spot for walkers, but the only noise I could hear during the night came from the river and owls and wild horses that were nearby it.


I confess to being a bit afraid of sleeping in this accommodation after having a chat about paranormal experiences connected to this place. My mind was playing up just a little bit when I went to bed, but the bed was comfortable enough to make me relax and overcome my fear.


The bathtub is a gorgeous feature of this room. It’s large and perfect for having a soak. I love its décor. The use of the checked floor gave an air of modernity to such a classic ambient.

It’s totally pitch-black outside during the night, so it’s highly recommended to have a torch with you when deciding to go for a walk or a meal at the pub next door.


By the way, we had a lovely meal at The Old Silent Inn and it ended up in quite an exciting adventure in the darkness.


The food at this traditional pub is locally sourced and it’s delicious, to say the least. Don’t skip dessert when visiting it and ask for the cheesecake of the day that you won’t regret.



The Old Silent Inn is a pub with over 400 years of existence. It’s also known as the place that inspired several authors including Halliwell Sutcliffe and Martha Grimes. It’s another must-visit spot if you like the literature references at the Bronte sight.


Nearby the accommodation is placed in the Ponden Reservoir, another popular attraction. It holds sports activities and it’s also a beautiful spot in picturesque Yorkshire.

We didn’t have a kettle in the room, but coffee and tea were provided at any time during the day. You just needed to serve yourself in the dining area, where it is also served the breakfast.


Richard was super friendly with us, not only providing a lovely English breakfast but also giving all the necessary tips on things to do in Haworth and the surrounded area. He also gave us precious tips on future trips to the United States, since he is from San Francisco. It was a shame we couldn`t stay more or meet Barbara as well. I loved my stay at this bed and breakfast and I would recommend this place to anyone interested in getting into the history of this fascinating part of Yorkshire.

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