What to look for in an office chair

When it comes to your workstation setup, it’s important that you’re equipped with the right pieces of furniture – and that includes a high-quality office chair.

There is a wide range of places you can find suitable seating for your workspace, including online retailers such as Furniture At Work. However, with so many different models on offer, it can be tricky to know which one to go for. To help you pick out the right design, here’s what you should look for in an office chair.


Especially if your job requires you to sit down for the majority of the working day, it’s crucial that you go for a model that’s comfortable. If not, you could find that you feel achy and sore, which is bad news for your overall health.

Ideally, the design you choose should have a padded seat, as well as a plush back section. You might find that a chair which has been upholstered in thick, soft material is your best bet to provide you with a comfortable place to sit.


It’s important that your body is fully supported too, so make sure your seat is capable of providing you with the assistance you need to sit in a comfortable, upright position. When you’re shopping for a new chair, keep an eye out for designs with lumbar support. This feature refers to the shape of the back of the chair and encourages a natural, healthy sitting position.

You should also go for a model that can be adjusted in terms of back tilt. This will allow you to move easily within your seat and reposition yourself periodically.


While it’s important that your chair provides you with the comfort and support you need, there’s no reason why it can’t be stylish too.

The good news is, there are a whole host of different designs you can choose from, from large, luxurious models that have been upholstered in premium leather to cool and contemporary mesh styles. Whether you’re keen to keep your office vibe traditional, modern or somewhere in between, you shouldn’t struggle to find a chair that suits your overall décor.

For more tips and inspiration for choosing the right chair for your workspace, why not check out the ‘My chair: get the celebrity look in your office’ infographic from Furniture At Work?

My-chair-Furniture-At-Work-infographic (1) (1)


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